Higher Minds and Subconscious Depths-Nov15-17

Snapshot: On Tuesday and Wednesday we will have some productive, perhaps forceful but definitely insightful, communication. On Wednesday afternoon there may be some wounding around our motivations, but also a healing touch.

At 12:19pm on Tuesday Mercury at 4:46 Sagittarius Sextiles Mars at 4:46 Aquarius.

Not a huge aspect, but Mars can add urgency and force and Aquarian energy can add revelation, change and shock and awe. It is also helpful to have Higher Mind energy (Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter) in aspect to Mercury so that his energy is elevated above 3D thought. This is a very helpful combination of energies. Something about the social network or electrical currents may be the subject of conversation.

At 12:19pm on Wednesday Mercury at 6:17 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 21:17 Aries.

With Mars and Uranus in Mutual Reception (in the Sign the other rules), these 2 aspects will feel very similar. What will be different is the people you are communicating with as determined by the House placements of 4:46 Aquarius and 6:17 Aries. Something about foreign places, big picture ideas is coming up in relation to your personal path to freedom. The Ses-Square requires an adjustment that results in ease. Our big picture ideas may need to also apply to your own personal needs.

At 6:38pm Venus at 5:42 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Mars at 5:42 Aquarius.

Venus in Capricorn brings desires for stability, authority and/or social status. Mars in Aquarius is acting philanthropically and communally. The Semi-Sextile could see someone giving of their own resources to benefit the community or any sort of group of people.

At 8:42pm Mars at 5:46 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron Rx at 20:46 Pisces.

As Mars is still so tight in orb to Venus, there may be a woman or a man (Saturn rules the father) that offers some healing to Mars’ wounding energy to Chiron. His motivation to ACT on the behalf of the group may actually bring up some old pain for him. But our Venus can help shield Mars a bit here.

The big news is the aspect that will exact on Thursday evening.

At 5:10pm Neptune Rx at 9:15 Pisces Opposes the North Node at 9:15 Virgo.

This aspect has been in a 3 degree orb since Jul 2, but it will finally exact on Thursday. The North Node in Virgo has been focusing us on Soul-Level lessons around work, health, service, duty, volunteering, roommate, co-worker areas of life. We have been EXTERNALIZING the subconscious side of this axis which is in Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces and is in his natural element here operating to his truest nature. But the South Node shows us what we need to ‘leave’ or ‘let go’ of at this time. We need to be doing less daydreaming and imagining and be busy ‘doing.’ But from a Soulful perspective that understands the inseparable nature of the subconscious (Pisces) and the conscious (Virgo) world. If things have been confusing or very hard to pin down in the area of your life where you have 9:15 Pisces, you may well have something come through for you over the next few days that allows you to understand how what we EXTERNALIZE is coming from an INTERNAL place, a hidden place, we call the subconscious… or better yet, the collective unconscious.

Neptune/Pisces IS the godhead, or the repository of all human experience and ‘knowledge’ of self and our collective ‘reality.’ It is the energy where we are ALL connected or merged into oneness or are dissolved where things ‘end.’ The fact we are in a physical form at all is expressed by our physical actions or DOING, which is Virgo energy. But that DOING begins somewhere that is the beginning AND the end of things… the Alpha and Omega. The ‘holy spirit’ that knows all things… our omniscient mind.

When you have purged your channel to the subconscious, there is only oneness and compassion that can be seen there. It can embrace ALL that is and has no fear whatsoever about WHAT is seen from that deep, unfathomable space. What is ‘unseen’ somehow dwarfs all that IS seen the more you go within.

Over the next few days, try to look at the periphery where Neptune is bringing you consciousness to see the connection between the physical reality and ‘all that is.’

There is plenty of Higher Mind energy at work over these 3 days. Get into your Merlin Mind and see what you can about your magical powers 😉


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