Deep, Soulful, Healing Desires – Nov 19

Snapshot: Saturday we will be reviewing our desires from various perspectives.

At 7:52am Venus at 8:44 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron Rx at 20:44 Pisces.

Here we have the healing touch or some woman around us has that touch. Or someone provides you the resources that you need to do something you have been wanting to. Venus in Capricorn is feminine authority or a woman who works well with men, or we desire some social status. Chiron is helping us to deal with subconscious wounds around guilt and shame and deep, old human hurts. The 5D Quintile can make it all magically work out to your benefit.

At 3:14pm Venus at 9:06 Capricorn Trines the North Node at 9:06 Virgo.

Here we have an ease between our soulful need to serve and our desires for social status or authority. Authority figures were meant to serve the people so there is a Trine between these 2 energies. With Venus in Capricorn, there can be a financial resource available to our areas of work and service.

At 6:03pm Venus at 9:15 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune Rx at 9:15 Pisces.

Here we have productive assistance from our subconscious mind (Higher Mind) to assist us in achieving our social status desires. Neptune is still Opposite the North Node and on the SAME DEGREE and minute as he is slowing to his Direct Station. Where our words on Friday morning may have been a bit harder, the aspects with Venus today are ALL easy, productive or magical energies. So Venus is applying some HEALING to the areas of our Karmic Squares over the last year between Saturn and Neptune.

Whatever soulful, deep words you expressed on Friday will somehow reveal themselves in DESIRES today and these desires will bring about healing around any Karmic issues that may still linger since Nov 26, 2015.

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