New Moon in Sagittarius-Nov 29

Snapshot: Our next month will have a feel of expansiveness and goodwill characteristic of the ‘Holiday Spirit.’ Mid-morning will bring some healing, followed by Soulful clarity by mid-afternoon. And on its heels will be some unusual desires for change, attraction, love-at-first-sight kind of feelings.

At 7:32am the Moon Conjuncts the Sun at 7:43 Sagittarius.

This creates the monthly New Moon bringing our goals and feeling into alignment around global ideas, philosophical ideas and general goodwill such as ‘peace on Earth.’ If your eye is on the Ohio State incident from Monday, you will be looking at a 3D Karmic reaction to Saturn in Sagittarius. With this New Moon you can possibly find your own inner peace and love of the whole of humanity which is the first step towards achieving that ‘peace.’

At 10:14am Venus at 20:40 Capricorn Sextiles Chiron Rx at 20:40 Pisces.

Here we have a productive aspect between our desires and some subconscious wounding. Venus offers healing and Venus in Capricorn is some financial benefits from those in authority. Or a healing touch around our social status and material welfare. If there has been some subconscious issue you are having trouble dealing with, this aspect could certainly help.

At 2:24pm the Sun at 8:01 Sagittarius Squares the North Node at 8:01 Virgo.

Here we can expect some Soulful reality to set in that challenges our ideas of how to seek that peace. The Nodes of Fate across the Virgo/Pisces axis is one that teaches us that what we EXTERNALIZE is first INTERNAL in the shared unconscious of us all. As we move to let go of our old archetypal Karmic issues, these things will manifest. But the minute you see it, you can recognize what created it and let it go. Then the issues merely evaporate in front of you. Use this aspect to learn the Soulful connection of ourselves in the middle of the collective.

At 3:20pm Venus at 20:55 Capricorn Squares Uranus Rx at 20:55 Aries.

Still within orb to productively, and Soulfully, working with Chiron, Venus makes a 3D aspect to Uranus. Uranus doesn’t do anything in 3D, however, as he IS the Awakener. But whoever or whatever is in front of your face today could show you some surprising things about yourself and your desires. If its ‘love-at-first-sight,’ don’t look at it to be very long-lasting as that would be Saturn’s role. Uranus is flashes that shake us out of our ruts. You could suddenly realize WHO you love. Or discover you have a fetish for something very unusual. CHANGED desires is what this aspect can bring out. Karmic returns could be a part of it with the Square, like a blast from the past that you needed to see in order to have the revelation and a desire to change something. There could even be unexpected philanthropic desires that cause you to toss of worry of limitation to the wind and to usher in a new abundant philosophy!

While there are no 5D/magical aspects today, the combination of Soulful contacts and healing could make this an exceptional day for Soul awareness, self-awareness and collective perspectives.

Revelation, peace of earth, changed desires and healing. Hmmm…. could make for a very interesting day full of internal twists that leave us in a new reality that is peaceful.

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