Pluto and the Nodes of Fate

So, the last week has been intense as only Pluto would have it!! While Saturn is applying to Oppose my Ascendant, the Nodes of Fate are just separating from their Conjunction to my Natal Pluto.

Remember that job I took rather surprisingly in August? Well, I told one of the managers a few weeks ago that my ‘boss’ would probably let me go the first week of Dec due to Saturn Opposing my Ascendant Conjunct my boss’s Natal Chiron. It happened a bit earlier than I thought, but the Nodes of Fate separating from Pluto accelerated the pace. I am actually SOOOOO relieved. Each day that I woke up to go to this job I was thinking, ‘What the HELL am I doing?’ “Jobs are NOT me!!”

However, my North Node IS in Virgo, the Sign of ‘jobs’ and work, co-workers, bosses, managers, daily routine, etc. As the Nodes were within orb of my Natal North Node, I took this full-time job. It sounded like a CHANGE to my daily routine which was very appropriate as the Sign of Virgo is my 11th House by Sun Sign… ruled by Uranus, the agent of CHANGE (oh, and Astrology).

I figured once the Nodes hit Pluto it would be an issue with ‘power’ in the workplace. My ‘boss’ is a young guy who is going through a Heartbreak Transit with Transiting Chiron Square his Natal Chiron, Conjunct my Ascendant, my highest point of self-awareness… OUCH! I could SEE the pain he was going through. I knew he didn’t want to talk to him. So as Saturn Opposed his Natal Chiron on the final pass, he got to be the authority to ‘let me go.’

Funny thing is he said, ‘You did a good job, you just can’t get along with everyone.’ Really? One guy. Everyone else I was having fun with. At least I thought so…

Cars are ruled by Gemini, the Sign of the Twins and duplicitousness. Those who work in car dealerships have strong Gemini placements (usually ASC or Sun and often Mercury, too).

Transiting Chiron in Pisces, along with Neptune as well, create ‘hidden agendas’ and emotional manipulation. In my chart, the energy was pretty straightforward. But in others’ chart, there was some pain around my ‘accountability’ to things (Saturn) and my ‘agent-change’ energy (Virgo as 11th House) and my intensity (Pluto in Virgo!).

All of this is to say that I even knew it was coming, am relieved to be doing more of ‘my own thing’ again and not answering to anyone.  Transiting Uranus is in my 6th House by Sun Sign. Natal Uranus is Opposite my Midheaven making me an ‘undesirable’ employee if you’re just supposed to do as you are told 😉 I don’t go along to get along very well!

The craziest and weirdest part of all of this is that you can know what is coming and go with the flow, but it gets to be the question of ‘what is the point?’ I have seen 5D and understand we have NO FREE WILL, but it is harder to enjoy the process now with that knowledge.

So what IS the point of remembering all of our Soul Awareness? Yes, it frees us from the drama/trauma of 3D. And it helps to numb of from the old reactions we would have had to 3D outcomes. But, what is next?

Last night I watched Episode 9 of WestWorld. Even none of this is revelatory to me. None of it matters much when the Wizard’s curtain is pulled down and you see what is pulling the strings.

And so… Chiron (our umbilical cord to our Soul) is pulling into his Direct Station right now with his flip at 5:30am tomorrow morning (Thursday). In the Sign of Pisces, Chiron is working through our collective subconscious issues. In 5D, we don’t need to FEEL the pain associated with Chiron as we are AWARE of our Soul. So the only pain is really in feeling numb about ALL of life at the moment. Like what is the meaning? If we can FEEL it, what is the purpose? Is that just a Scorpio talking? We can see the beauty of the Earth energies. We can speak the words and ideas of the Air energies. We can feel the heat of the Fire energies. But does it really mean anything without FEELING?

I just got off the phone on a Reading where I was expressing how I wanted to wrap up this post. Yes, Chiron is Stationing Direct and now Soul Awareness will begin to move forward a bit. But my very favorite time of the annual cycle is when Uranus Stations Direct. And that, my friends, will be on Dec 29! When he Stations Direct, the energy moves forward again into new revelations and consciousness. We can CHANGE and move out of old energies. We need that sooner rather than later, but it will be when it will be.

While he is Stationing Direct, Saturn will Square Chiron creating a collective Heartbreak Transit. Perhaps we can break free of the 3D pain AND find new ways to experience our lives in a human body 😉

Til then, I have more time for Readings and I want to work on other areas of service that you have been asking for. Let’s see where the energies take us!!

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  1. Beth this one resonated with me. Appreciate your sharing the details in Your life. Only thing is we differ about is Free Will. Would like to chat and hear what your basis is for that conclusion. Your friend Bill

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