Soulful Santa Energy – Dec 6

Snapshot: Tuesday night is all about our motivations and drive. Our ‘male’ side or men in general. We have a productive aspect to our subconscious wounding followed by helpful revelations and awareness.

Our last aspect on Saturday morning had Mars in a productive Sextile to Saturn. He will be culminating his current spotlight with some Soul Awareness from a 3-way aspect.

At 7:53pm Mars at 20:41 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 20:41 Pisces.

Mars is ruled by Uranus as he Transits Aquarius and is in a 3-way aspect involving him and Chiron throughout Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. Uranus and Chiron energies can bring out some great Soul Awareness. Watch what you subconsciously (Chiron) or unexpectedly (Uranus) act on or where your actions lead you. With Mars, there is little forethought, if any, and his actions will reveal what we are feeling subconsciously.

We could expect men to do some unusual things. They are likely to act without fear and shake things up. Or you can do this yourself as your ‘Mars/male’ energy expresses itself in motion.

At 10:30pm Mars at 20:46 Aquarius Sextiles Uranus Rx at 20:46 Aries.

Mars and Uranus are in Mutual Reception as they Transit the Sign the other rules. Their energies are interchangeable as they express the same energy in both Houses where you have each Planet Transiting. We can expect men to unexpectedly do things. They may surprise us. They might flee from us as they seek their personal freedom. Or we may do that as each of us has a ‘Mars’ energy in our Charts.

Its something with groups of people. We may leave a group. Join a group. Start a freedom march or merely let the revelation come through that helps us to see we are Souls having an experience… Mars is still in orb to Chiron bringing in the Soul. Uranus out-of-the-box thinking is ALWAYS tied to the Soul anyway as where else would be come up with crazy, new ideas that shake us out of our ruts?

This aspect is another one that could bring out some Random Acts of Kindness if we go into the Soul Awareness of the night. If there WERE a Santa Claus, he would have some major Uranian AND Mars energy to be so philanthropic and motivated 😉 Uranus and Chiron together can create their own 5D magic!



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