Full Moon in Gemini-Dec13

Snapshot: Shortly after midnight on Dec 13, we will have some Soulful desires adjusted. We will wake up to make those adjustments as the Full becomes Full by evening.

At 2:09am Venus at 6:34 Aquarius Quincunx the North Node at 6:34 Virgo.

Here we will be adjusting some of our desires to align more Soulfully. These changed desires as Venus Transits through Aquarius are now being adjusted against the lessons of the North Node in Virgo. We could find that we are very free with the use of our own resources, even desiring to donate many things to those in need. Or to offer our resources to those serving others. Our Soul knows no limitation so the adjustment is likely to allow you to give without fear.

At 7:07pm the Moon at 22:26 Gemini Opposes the Sun at 22:26 Sagittarius creating the Full Moon.

A Full Moon across the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius brings up our feelings around small town vs. big city, communication vs. philosophy, siblings vs. seniors, and local transportation vs. long-distance travel. The Houses where you have the 22+ Gemini/Sagittarius tells us who the characters of this Full Moon will be for you.

What started at the New Moon on Nov 29 has reached some sort of emotional epiphany and you now will know which direction you will be moving in the next 2 months or year as this decision can affect the next annual cycle. The Full Moon means that you will KNOW (Sun) how you FEEL (Moon) about what is going on across this axis of your life.

In the Full Moon chart, the Sun is separating but still Conjunct Saturn at 19:15 Sagittarius. Saturn is nearing his impending Square to Chiron in Pisces creating a collective ‘Heartbreak Transit’ for us all. But Saturn is also Trine to Uranus Rx in Aries, so there is some helpful awareness coming in to help us manage it all.

It is very likely that this Full Moon relates in some way to the stories of the last year as we went through the 3 Karmic Squares of Saturn to Neptune. It is likely that you are moving beyond any pain those Squares brought out. But you may have yet to go through a big more pain to really get to where you want to be.

The Moon will be Opposing Saturn just prior to his exact Opposition to the Sun. Saturn in Sagittarius for over the last year has held us to being accountable to the big picture of things, to our philosophy and to building structures in the areas of our lives where we have Sagittarius in our charts.

This is a powerful Full Moon for me. Over the last week, with the change to my work situation (aka NO job;), I have really been mulling over whether I will stay in Cheboygan for the winter or fly south to FL instead. Typical Gemini/Sagittarius question and the reason so many Snowbirds make this flight around this time of year 😉

Sagittarius is my 2nd House earned income and available resources by Sun Sign and Gemini is my 8th House of shared resources by Sun Sign. My Ascendant is at 18:06 Gemini so the Full Moon also falls across my 1st and 7th House cusps. I can EARN more money in FL than I can sitting in Cheboygan, likely. In Cheboygan, I might have to ‘share resources’ in order to make it through here in the long-haul.

Saturn in Sagittarius is holding us accountable to our philosophy. My 2nd House in Sagittarius has always created my ‘abundance philosophy.’ Does Saturn want me to follow-through on my philosophy or fly south to earn more resources? Hmm… that’s an interesting question. I feel this question will linger into the next month for me? Do you have your answer yet? Do you know what question the Full Moon is posing to you?


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