20 Degrees of Soulfulness-Dec 15

Snapshot: Mid-afternoon on Thursday you may feel some subconscious desires that surprise you, but that feel productive in getting you out of a rut.

At 2:24pm Venus at 9:26 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 9:26 Pisces.

Here you can have an easier time managing some of your new desires that might surprise people. Its a minor aspect, but anytime you can get Venus and Neptune in a favorable aspect, you can make some real headway on moving into new realms that your changed desires may lead you.

Over the next few days, there are no aspects between the Transiting Planets. You likely have aspects being made to your Natal Planets as you can track via a Personal Daily Transit Report.

But what is really going on in the big scheme of things is that several Planets and Chiron will be meeting at 20+ of the Signs they are Transiting. Uranus Semi-Sextiled Chiron at 20+ degrees on Dec 10 and are still there. As of midnight on Dec 20, Saturn will join them at 20+ degrees. And at 1:00am on Dec 22, Jupiter will reach 20+ degrees of Virgo.

From Christmas Eve through Christmas Day, they will all aspect each other AND the North Node at 5+ Virgo.

Jupiter and Saturn are Interpersonal Planets. Their aspects affect you with someone else, typically. Uranus, Chiron and the North Node are important points in Soul Awareness/5D consciousness. Venus will also be at 20+ degrees of Aquarius over the same timeframe.

That is a LOT of energy going on at the same time. It should be quite interesting. Jupiter will Oppose Uranus. Saturn is applying to Square Chiron, in a ‘Heartbreak Transit.’ Jupiter will make a Quincunx to Chiron and Venus a Semi-Sextile. Jupiter and Venus are Healing Planets and in aspect to Chiron can possibly offer some healing around the impending Saturn/Chiron Square. Saturn is also Trine to Uranus and Sextile to Jupiter so there is plenty of helpful Higher Mind energy adding to the mix.

Look for Christmas to be VERY Soulful! You may be able to get your brain around how to BE in a family while also seeing it as more Karmic than 5D. Go for the 5D and relate to everyone with the Christmas Spirit.

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