Unexpected Resources Saves Mars-Dec20&21

Snapshot: We are in the midst of many tight orb aspects over the next week. See if you can feel your way through what is really going on for you. On Tuesday, around noon, we will have some unexpected desires expressed. They may be in review from Saturday.

At 11:58am on Tuesday Mercury Rx at 14:59 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Venus at 14:59 Aquarius.

Venus in Aquarius is unexpected or unusual desires OR unexpected resources via philanthropy and gifting. This Semi-Sextile will be some minor productive expression that voices these desires and their relationship to our social status and the structures of our lives.

Mercury is returning to the degree and minute where he hung out most of Saturday so there is likely a change in direction or some revision to what occurred at that time.

The rest of Tuesday will have us in the energy of this next aspects:

At 6:50am on Wednesday morning, Mars at 1:35 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 16:35 Capricorn.

Our motivations right now are coming from our collective unconscious (or subconscious) mind. In an irritation aspect Mars and Pluto can create any number of power struggles. Mars is acting without anything thinking, as usual, but not even as he may have thought he would. Pluto in Capricorn wants to control or restrict Mars’ actions. So you can imagine the variations this aspect can take.

Ask yourself WHO is your Pluto at the moment? Who is the person that you feel is oppressing you with their misuse of power or authority? What are your subconscious motivations since Sunday when Mars entered Pisces. Can you see the dilemma you may be facing? Can you prevent it from being worse than it could be without this awareness?

There may be some woman who comes to your rescue and works out any issues.

At 10:36pm on Tuesday night, Venus at 16:36 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 16:16 Capricorn.

Here we have some unexpected desires for intimacy or touch, or a benefactor who steps in to help us with our unusual ideas. This woman or desire may solve the irritation between Pluto and Mars.

Venus and Pluto rule the 2 ‘Money Houses’ and in the Sign of Aquarius we can see philanthropy and unexpected ‘gifting’. Pluto may step in with the offer of investment to back your unusual desires so this day could take a very nice turn by evening.

At 11:10pm Jupiter will cross over to 20:00 degrees Libra, joining Saturn, Uranus and Chiron. Now we have Higher Minded Soul Awareness going on through Christmas. What good thing could you imagine coming from all this energy? Take your focus off of Mercury as he is carried away with himself as he is so far ahead of the Sun. Stay in this Higher Mind/Soulful energy to carry you to a 5D place that you can imagine.

All 4 of these Planets/Points are also aspecting the North Node in Virgo bringing in more Soulful energy. Its going to be a VERY interesting week!!





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