Gratitude & Soulful Expression-Dec 30

Snapshot: Friday early morning has some magic. Friday evening sees some Soulful expression and subconscious clarity.

At 3:03am the Sun at 9:03 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 21:03 Pisces.

Here we have some magical clarity into the role of Chiron which I call it the ‘umbilical cord to our Souls.’  The Sun in aspect to Chiron can help us to achieve GRATITUDE for the way our wounding works. As the Sun crosses over degrees that Pluto has traveled since 2012, there could be some magical healing in the areas where Pluto entities have misused their authority. Try to be grateful for the experiences these people have provided as it is the ‘suffering that makes us more human’ (from HBO’s WestWorld).

At 4:24pm Mercury Rx at 4:38 Capricorn Trines the North Node at 4:38 Virgo.

Here we will have some Soulful expression either from us or towards us that shows something, perhaps from 2010 when Pluto Transited this degree. Or that merely refers to something you had going on Dec 6 as Mercury made his first pass to this degree. Is there a connection? The Sun crossed over this degree on Christmas Day? Any connection there? Do the words express something about the clarity you had on Christmas? There was some great Soul Awareness going on and it has just begun to increase again with Uranus’ Direct Station at 4:29am on Thursday morning.

It likely will have something to do with your work schedule or other day-to-day activities and routines as the North Node can bring out questions like, ‘Why do we work so hard?, or ‘Where did we decide jobs were the right thing to do?’.

In fact on Christmas Eve I had a discussion I probably haven’t had in several years regarding how ‘sweat equity’ is not considered an equity investment anymore. If someone puts together all the pieces for a business but they can’t put down any money, the banks and investors ‘fire’ them at a certain point involving distribution of their product so they lose all equity in what occurs next. That is a misuse of authority in Capricorn which rules governments, banks and corporations. Pluto rules investment. So I have been having a few conversations that harken back to that timeframe when I was blogging about the corruption of our authorities. But it is also at the micro level within our personal lives as well. How do you feel about working/slaving for someone who doesn’t share any of the profits with you?

At 6:25pm the Sun at 9:43 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 9:43 Pisces.

Here we have the subconscious clarity to see into the area of our lives (9:43 Pisces) where things seem murky, hidden or confusing. These moments of clarity from the Sun serve as guideposts to keep us on track with where we need to go. It is also possible that this aspect will keep us from fighting the same old battles (like the ones I wrote about above) by accepting them and learning from them. It was a fear we had hidden that now seen we can release and set goals that don’t involve any fear.

For instance, after writing this post I will begin working on a website to build the local businesses in my small town. Capricorn is my 3rd House of communication and local community by Sun Sign. Pluto’s Transit through this Sign has wreaked much havoc since 2008 and I am ready now to build structures (Capricorn) that support the local community via a form of communication 😉

What are you doing in the Capricorn areas of your life where Mercury is Retrograding over the same degrees that Pluto Transited from 2008 – Sep 2016?

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