Subconscious Desires, Angst & Magic-Jan5-6

Snapshot: Late Wednesday night we will have a bit of irritation between our subconscious desires and someone who wants to get close to us.

At 9:05am Wednesday morning, Mercury Rx slipped back into Sagittarius to revise a few things dealing with our philosophy, optimism and long distance issues. Pluto was at this degree around the market collapse of 2008 so there may be some longer-term connections going on right now with Mercury Rx.

For example, in my chart, Mercury is Rx in my 7th House of close friends, partnerships and business partners by Rising Sign. My 7th House cusp is at 18:06 Sagittarius. When Mercury Rxs we are looking back at the past and have various ‘ghosts’ show up to challenge our resolve for our future goals (Mercury’s cycle with the Sun). I have received so many messages from old partners and friends over the last 2 weeks. AND the date of their contact with me matches events from Pluto at these degrees from 2008-2015. Crazy. Now that Mercury is back in Sagittarius, there will be more emphasis on distance between us, etc. But I know that once Mercury is Direct, we will lose touch again or there may be some breakthrough as they can occur over Mercury’s longer cycle of Retrogrades of the same Signs and degrees. What have you been experiencing?

At 1:41am on Thursday morning, Venus at 2:05 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 17:05 Capricorn.

A minor aspect, but one linked with a tinge of Karma considering Venus is ruled by Neptune and Pluto by Saturn, our 2 Karmic Planets. Venus and Pluto in aspect create intimate desires that range from sexual attraction to fatal attraction. Or from, ‘please use my resources as we are so intimate now,’ to ‘I’m not giving you sex just because you loaned me some money;)’ You get the idea. With Pluto in Capricorn it is likely you sense there is some seduction or manipulation someone wants to exert over you. However, the question is, ‘are they really do this or do you have a subconscious fear that they are?’ If it is your fear, you will need to see it manifest in order to resolve it. Or to merge or relate with a lover or benefactor tonight.

By Friday night the aspect look more appealing as they are magical.

At 10:23pm Venus at 4:04 Pisces Quintiles Saturn at 22:04 Sagittarius.

Some magical ease between your subconscious desires and any Karma you need to resolve. You can more easily see how your subconscious fears affect your relationships and see things from a new perspective. Just go with it as this will allow you to move out of any angst from yesterday.

From Friday night, the Sun will within a tight orb to a Conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. You will begin to have some clarity around the purpose of your Pluto entities and how and why they behave as they do. Can you SEE how they have helped you to take back more of your personal sovereignty?

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