Sun Square Uranus – Jan 10

Snapshot: Around dinnertime on Monday we will have an adjustment to make around our subconscious desires and our relating-ships. Tuesday around noon (all times are EST) we will have clarifying awareness.

At 5:34pm on Monday Venus at 6:59 Pisces Ses-Squares Jupiter at 21:59 Libra.

Venus rules Jupiter in Libra right now so there is plenty of refined and healing energy on tap. The Ses-Square requires an adjustment that results in an ease. Here we are going to adjust some subconscious desires in order to better relate to someone who is more mature, a foreigner, a very intelligent person or a grandparent type. OR we will need to adjust our philosophy towards relating in order to better maintain a non-possessive hold on someone.

But the rest of Monday night should offer some un-going clarity and awareness as the next aspect applies.

At 11:22am on Tuesday the Sun at 20:38 Capricorn Squares Uranus at 20:38 Aries.

While a Karmic Square is not always easy, these 2 Planets create such a bizarre awareness that it doesn’t feel hard at all. If you are waiting for some insight to get you out of your rut, this is the aspect to do it. If you want more personal freedom (as Uranus in Aries is spurring you towards), then you have to give up some of your hold on power and social status and material structures that support you right now. You need to see how to free yourself from some of your old ways of ‘building a life.’ For instance, if you are still marching to the tune of the Baby-Boomer beat, you may need a jolt (Uranus) of fresh insight/clarity (Sun Square Uranus) to get you to see NEW ways of initiating structures (Capricorn) that allow you and others more personal freedom (Uranus in Aries).

We are nearing the next Eclipse cycle and change is coming. What changes will you be making? Can you see some of it up ahead?

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