Soulful Clarity and Expression-Jan17

Snapshot: Tuesday has magical, Soulful clarity and words to express what we saw as the Sun and Mercury create a 3-way aspect with the Nodes of Fate.

At 2:49pm the Sun at 27:54 Capricorn Biquintiles the North Node at 3:54 Virgo.

Here we have some magical clarity around our use of power and our health, fitness, work, volunteering, service, duty or any daily routine. Our goals (Sun) will magically align with our work environment. Or we will use our authority to create magical results with our co-workers, etc. If you have wanting to get some recognition for the work you do, this aspect has that type of energy. However, it is more likely that some authority type will see clearly what you have been doing and by the next aspect with Mercury, you may indeed receive the recognition. Or the Soulful part of the North Node may simply allow you to see that you have been doing the best and that is enough. And what you have been doing is merely what the energies have allowed so recognition may be something you really don’t need and that could be the magical part 😉

Over the next 30 min, Mercury will form a Quindecile to the Sun. This is a minor aspect that is unfolding and creative.

At 3:20pm Mercury at 3:54 Capricorn Trines the North Node at 3:54 Virgo.

This 3-way aspect between the Sun, Mercury and the North Nodes means that you will be able to express the magical aspect to others. Or they will express it to you. The Sun was on the same degree as Mercury on New Year’s Eve day so there may be some expression of the clarity you had at that time. The Sun in Capricorn helps us to get clear about the way we use our power or our social status and career goals. Mercury allows for the contracts to be signed and agreements reached to achieve these goals.

Mercury was last at this degree during his Retrograde cycle on New Year’s Eve day. There may be some connection to discussions you had at that time.

The end result of this 3-way aspect is a very helpful clarity around our career and our work, our social status and our health, our power and our service.



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