Adjusted Motivations & Magic – Jan18

Snapshot: Late Tuesday night we may feel an adjustment to our motivations OR we will adjust our relating-ship philosophy to match our new passions. We will bounce out of bed ready to express this adjustment.

At 2:51am Mars at 22:35 Pisces Quincunx Jupiter at 22:35 Libra.

Here we need to make an adjustment in order to move on. Jupiter in Libra has been increasing our relating so we can develop a new philosophy around how to better relate to everyone, but especially our close friends and ‘partners.’ Jupiter spends one year in Libra and will be Retrograding on Feb 6 so we can begin to revise and refine our new philosophy.

Mars in Pisces is still in the process of dissolving his old cycle of motivations in order to bring some new motivations to the surface as he ingresses his own Sign, Aries, just after midnight on Jan 28. Once he hits the ground, coming up from the depths of Pisces, we will ACT in a way that expresses our new motivations. Until then, the changes are hidden and we can see to get a real handle on what our motivations are at the moment.

But this aspect to Jupiter will shed some light as the adjustment we need to make will fill in one piece of the puzzle. How do you need to change your own subconscious mind to better relate? How can your passions that you feel be adjusted into Jupiter’s new philosophy on relating to others? Mars is ALWAYS working on relating as that is just the very nature of our ‘I’ energy. We don’t understand ‘I’ until we relate as a ‘we’. So this is a most natural type of adjustment that needs to be made. And Venus rules Libra so it is the one male/female relating (our own internal Venus and Mars need to relate) that is going on here.

At 8:46am (EST) Mercury at 4:36 Capricorn Quintiles Jupiter at 22:36 Libra.

This is a 3-way aspect that will allow Mercury to magically express the adjustment made between Mars and Jupiter. Jupiter is just one minute from his aspect with Mars so not much has changed and Mercury will express in ways that allows us to initiate new structures (Capricorn energy) to facilitate better relating in accordance with our new motivations/passions.

Mercury was last at this degree around midnight on Dec 31st. The night BEFORE New Year’s Eve. So the expressions you say or hear may be tied to something that you spoke at that time.

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