Vast, Transformational Change and Seizures

If you know any early 20-somethings (about 21-24 right now), you need to pay close attention to the energies that are already impacting them, but that will be especially ACUTE for many of them this next year. They are the ‘Transformers.’

We are in the Era of the Transformers as I have been writing for more than a year. In fact, on Mar 8, 2016 I mentioned that the Solar Eclipse on that date signaled the beginning of a 2-year window when these Transformers would be going through Vast, Transformational Change. They will CHANGE our shared REALITY!

The 2 Part Video Series on my YouTube channel by the same name, ‘Vast, Transformational, Change, Part 1 and Part 2‘ explain the Astrological energies and significance of this 2-year window and how it will affect this change for all of us via the personal changes of this age group and Baby-Boomers.

Yesterday I was doing a Reading for the mother of one of my 2nd cousins. I have done several Readings with her over the last few years and she sees how the Awareness I can bring via Astrology is so helpful! She says she calls me before she calls her Doctor. I’m her ‘go-to’ gal 😉 I can help her because I have integrated many Uranian bolts of lightning into my crown chakra. In fact, I started doing Readings for other people when Uranus ingressed Aries, the Sign that rules the head. Uranus rules electricity, lightning flashes and all forms of awareness, ‘god-like’ revelation and CHANGE.

Besides her personal questions, she mentioned that my 2nd cousin, Alex, had 2 seizures last year. And I told her right away that it was Uranus asking him to CHANGE his life in shocking and surprising ways. If you knew what a gem this young man was, you can’t even understand why he would need to change a thing! He is the most caring, most intelligent, most thoughtful and focused young man you can imagine! Why would that possibly need to change… EVER?!

That is a very good question. My cousin, Alex, gets along with older people soooo well. His Natal Jupiter is Conjunct most Baby-Boomers Neptune in Libra. He can relate to ANYONE, but expansively and philosophically with more mature people (Jupiter rules Sagittarius and ‘seniors’) as well as foreigners or WHOEVER. Alex has completely embraced the Baby-Boomer ideals via his Natal Jupiter in Libra. These ‘seniors’, also Alex’s mentors, feel fortunate to have him around. He is like an angel on their shoulder (Jupiter Conjunct Neptune or in the 12th House)!

I have many other friends just about Alex’s age who have this same natural affinity for the Baby-Boomer generation. But Alex’s Higher Mind configuration, that he shares with the other ‘Transformers’ is far tighter in orb than most. His Natal Uranus is at 18:13 Capricorn, Neptune is at 18:23 Capricorn and his Natal Jupiter is at 19:48 Libra. This is a tight Square energy between all 3 Higher Mind Planets. Squares are hard energies and usually Karmic in nature.

When you watch the Vast, Transformational Change videos, add in this element to understand how ACUTE Alex’s Jupiter Square to his Natal Uranus/Neptune Conjunction makes this year’s Transit of Pluto over 18-19+ degrees of Capricorn.

Awareness-wise, the simplest analogy for what is going on here is that the Transformers will be handed-off the baton of our REALITY from the Baby-Boomers. They will need to thank their seniors for their years at the helm of our collective subconscious minds and race forward with a new set of parameters for what our world should be like moving forward.

The thing is, most of these Transformers don’t have a clue what they really WANT our reality to be like, but others can express it easily. Look at Bernie Sanders’ platform and you get a good idea of their ‘ideals’. But you also need to think far more radically about it ALL!

While Baby-Boomers’ ideal reality was ‘everyone should marry once, for life’, these Transformers have no such idea of commitment for the long-term. They are very sexually free or the opposite: asexual or chaste. Though they don’t judge one another at all.

They want EQUALITY (Uranus) and a one-world (Neptune) government (Capricorn). Socialism is not a dirty word to them. In fact, they embrace it by the very ideals that they have for equal access to government services, etc. Baby-Boomers call this their ‘sense of entitlement’ but they will provide for all Baby-Boomers and EVERYONE else in their utopian world.

Some of these kids consider themselves to be ‘hippies’ of a sort and idealize (Neptune) the things they have heard of the 60’s generation.

But how do you possibly go from being so close to your grandparents and embracing their ideals while birthing completely different ones for yourself? Well, without some very strong lightning flashes from Uranus they couldn’t!

Prior to Pluto Conjuncting their Natal Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries Squared these same Natal Planets giving them flashes of insight so they could seek the TRANSFORMATION side of Pluto’s energies.

Over the last few years, those born in 1991 and a few years earlier have received the revelations they need but not the reason to implement them. That is where Pluto comes in.

So how did last year go for Alex as he had to contend with so much energy? Well, he got his flashes of awareness in the form of ‘seizures.’ Typical Uranus style! It doesn’t look pretty, but let’s look at Mayo Clinic’s definition of a Grand Mal Seizure and see what Uranus and Neptune were doing at that time (with the help of Pluto!).

According to Mayo Clinic, a Grand Mal Seizure features of a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions. They have a few ’causes’ that are irrelevant Astrologically and consciously.

There are 2 stages:

  1. Tonic Phase: loss of consciousness occurs, muscles suddenly contract and cause the person to fall down (10 to 20 seconds).
  2. Clonic Phase: the muscles go into rhythmic contractions, alternately flexing and relaxing. These convulsions usually last for less than 2 minutes.

Astrologically, let’s break down these physical responses:

Falling down is a common result of Uranus (unexpected, shocking, surprising) in hard aspect (loss or accident) to Mars/Aries/1st House (head, action, muscles and movement).

The end result is what Uranus is striving for: CHANGE in the way people SEE you.

Mars, Aries, 1st House is your body, movement AND the way you initiate action and the first impression that you make. The shock of the seizure to those around you creates the space you NEED to make CHANGES.

My favorite ‘Seizure’ story is from the Bible, a great source of mythology. When Saul was on the road to Damascus doing as his elders (seniors/Saducees and Pharisees) wanted, he was struck down by a flash of light. Most people say they see a ‘flash of light’ at the start of the seizure just as they lose consciousness. ‘Loss of consciousness’ means that you are in a suspended state of Soul Awareness, a 5th Dimensional awareness and you can CHANGE the way you think.

Saul was blinded by the light and had to find Ananias, a Christian he was pursuing earlier, to remove the scales from his eyes (Mars rules the eyes!). Uranus’ awareness had to get through to him so he could SEE what he needed to see: Christ HAD fulfilled the law, not by the letter but by the spirit (consciousness).

We all know from the story that Saul saw a great light, was struck down and it took him some time before he could see. He changed (Uranus) his name (Mars, 1st House and how we introduce ourselves) and went on to live a very different life than he had earlier (Uranus in aspect to Mars creates a new path to personal freedom).

A Grand Mal Seizure is just Uranus breaking through our thick conscious mind (lower mind ruled by Mercury) and striking us down to our core/soul so we can incorporate new ideas, understanding and awareness to CHANGE our lives.

Alex is not alone in the need to bring about changes even though he was always the perfect kid and young adult. But we can’t change our dying Baby-Boomer Reality without this age-group bringing us new ideas that they begin to walk in.

They are the harbingers of VAST, TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE!




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