Magic & Productive Desires – Jan23

Snapshot: Monday morning start off with some Soulful words. By dinner we have some subconscious expression around our career plans followed by some unusual, though productive, desires, financial or otherwise.

At 7:21am Mercury at 9:55 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 21:55 Pisces.

Here there is some 5D/magical thoughts or expressions that are Soulful and deep. Or they may be very playful even coming from someone in ‘authority.’ We are shaping up our plans for career and social status areas. Depending on where you have 9+ Capricorn in your chart will determine the area of your life where your social status, public reputation is most important to you. These words may well go a long ways towards healing some of the guilt/shame or emotional manipulation you have experienced over the last year or last 5 years.

At 4:29pm Mercury at 10:22 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 10:22 Pisces.

Here we have more healing as Neptune in Pisces (our collective unconscious mind) works productively with Mercury (our lower conscious mind) as he begins to finalize his plans to secure new structures for his social status or public reputation. Mercury has crossed this degree before on Dec 11 and 26. Is there some final subconscious shift you make to realize the plans you are making now are obtainable?

At 7:24pm Venus at 20:50 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 20:50 Aries.

While a minor aspect, to have Venus and Mars (Aries) energy working together with both Uranus and Neptune (Pisces) energies, is a great thing. Uranus and Neptune are Higher Mind Planets that when aspected together bring up necessary subconscious issues that we need to CHANGE or find our freedom from old cycles. Venus is applying to Chiron as well so this can be some very Soulful desires that we get in touch with. It is a glimpse at the new desires we are birthing for the next year as well as ideas for maintaining our freedom via some subconscious resources that will assist us moving forward.


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