New Desires & Magic – Feb2-4

Snapshot: On Thursday morning, we will feel like we either want to communicate too much or too little. Friday, just after noon, we have some magical sexual or sharing attraction followed by a bit of irritation in our expressions.

NOTE: On Friday, we are one week from the Lunar Eclipse that occurs at 22:28 Leo at 7:32pm Feb 10. This is your emotional reset to get over any feelings that have been dragging you down. You may be sensing what that is already.

At 10:15am on Thursday, Mercury at 23:07 Capricorn Squares Jupiter at 23:07 Libra.

Here there is a risk of exaggeration or not wanting to talk much. You may find yourself trying to relate to any authority figure and this tends to create the situational comedy of stammering or tight-lipped or saying more than you should. Not much harm either way. You could be the one trying to sound authoritative and find yourself tongue-tied or over explaining yourself.

At 9:34am on Friday, the Sun at 14:57 Aquarius Semi-Square Venus at 29:57 Pisces.

A bit of irritation between your desires and what you are seeing. You could find your desires have changed and that rubs you a bit the wrong way. This is Venus’ last aspect before she ingresses Aries so we are bringing to the surface our new desires. The Sun in Aquarius will SHOW us some of how these desires have changed.

At 11:00am Venus ingresses Aries and we begin to ACT on your new (and recently changed by what the Sun showed us 90 minutes ago) desires. Venus in Aries can be women in pursuit of men, actions to secure our resources and pursuit of beauty.

At 1:10pm Venus at 0:05 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 18:05 Capricorn.

Here our new desires magically align with our sense of power. Or we want to share our desires with someone who has some authority or is a father-figure. OR we want to merge our resources with another’s in order to create some magical expansion of energies. This can be a very subtle energy if it doesn’t aspect your own chart in some way. But if you can feel a magical window opening, then play with it! Use your Merlin Mind to take you into new places. You may be the one offering yoursel or your resources to a powerful entity. Or they may want to back your new endeavor that you have as your new desire.

At 3:50pm Mercury at 24:52 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 24:52 Sagittarius.

Minor, but productive, words spoken now may involve the same story from yesterday, but there is a greater harmony in the authority used. Words and all communication should be structured to show the steps you are planning.

There are no aspects made between the Transiting Planets on Saturday but you may have some to your Natal Planets and Points. These are covered in a Personal Daily Transit Report which you can order at My Store. If you feel something big is brewing for you, following your own Transit Report can help you track it and prepare.

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