North Node in a Finger of Merlin-Feb5&9

Snapshot: Before noon on Sunday, we could have some soulfully, magical ideas. On Thursday afternoon our actions will be soulfully magical.

From Sunday to Thursday, the North Node in Virgo will be the ‘finger’ of a rolling Finger of Merlin with 2 Personal Planets: Mercury and Mars. It is a great time to see what the North Node’s Transit through Virgo has been teaching us. With Mercury and Mars making double-magic aspects (Biquintiles) to the North Node, we are going to see some Soul Awareness around the way we externalize (Virgo) our subconscious minds (Pisces, the Opposite Sign that forms an ‘axis’ of energy with Virgo. Virgo is ‘seen’ energies and Pisces is hidden. But the Biquintiles will bring in different expressions from Capricorn (where Mercury is Transiting) and Aries (where Mars is Transiting).

Through our actions (Mars/Aries) and our plans (Mercury) to initiate structures (Capricorn) we can see something magical about Virgo energies from a Soulful point of view.

At 11:12am on Sunday, Mercury at 27:28 Capricorn Biquintiles the North Node at 3:28 Virgo.

This aspect has already exacted as I write this, though it is still in orb and perhaps why I suddenly sat down to write (Mercury) right now. Here we can expect some thoughts, ideas or communication that magically expresses what the North Node in Virgo has been showing us soulfully.

At 2:30pm on Thursday, Mars at 9:21 Aries Biquintiles the North Node at 3:21 Virgo.

Here are motivations and actions will magically show us what the Soulful North Node wants us to see in Virgo. It is something to do with health, work, daily shedule, fitness, service, duty, etc.

As the North Node pointed me to write just as Mercury began to separate, he is sitting Conjunct my Natal Eros at 3:16 Virgo. As Mercury was applying, I jumped up and did an upper body work-out like I haven’t done since my military days. I was even thinking about that as I was doing it. It felt easy and I could feel the burn 😉

Virgo rules the military and other forms of ‘service.’ My Eros in that Sign means that I have a love of the military and its people. 3:16 Virgo is in my 11th House of ‘groups’ by Sun Sign and my 4th House of ‘family’ by Rising Sign. Needless to say, I am drawn to military types. Those kind of folks who physically act on subconscious thoughts in a consistent manner.

Now, if the Nodes of Fate are not aspecting a Personal Planet or Point for you, the results may be a bit less easy to identify. The North Node will be sitting on 3+ Virgo for the entire month of Feb and was there through much of Jan. There is a significant point being made here and seeing it from a 5D perspective is a great opportunity. THAT is what you have a chance to identify this week.

What did you speak, think or plan on Sunday morning? And what actions will you take on Thursday afternoon? See if you can feel the ‘Finger’ this week.

3 thoughts on “North Node in a Finger of Merlin-Feb5&9

  1. I like how you put definitions at the bottom. But somehow I don’t feel up or magical, only sad and depressed. ğŸ˜ž. A dark cloud has covered me that just won’t go away.

    1. Mary Ann, Do you have time for a Reading? I will need your birth details again (except the Hammtramick part). Text me at 704-488-0204 and let’s talk.

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