All About the Change – Feb 6&7

Snapshot: On Monday mid-afternoon (EST) you may have had some clarity around an issue with authorities. Just before midnight on Tuesday, your passionate desires and/or financial motivations will get a Soulful check. And the T-Square of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto comes into play again.

At 1:34pm on Monday the Sun at 18:10 Aquarius Semi-Sextiled Pluto at 18:10 Capricorn.

Here we had clarity on some changes that needed to be made within a group of via the social network in order to manage some shared resources with those in ‘authority’. The Sun in Aquarius is clarity around the changes we need to make. Pluto in Capricorn is some misuse of authority. Pluto is the foil to all great growth potential. Do we need authorities the way we (or the Baby-Boomers) have thought we do? Could we find greater freedom (Aquarius) doing more of our own thing (Sun).

At 11:29pm on Tuesday night Venus at 3:24 Aries Quincunx the North Node at 3:24 Virgo.

Here our drive to acquire resources may require a Soulful adjustment. Are you keeping in mind that there is some service to others you might want to include in your path forward? Do your values (Venus) align with your sense of service? As you push your own needs and wants forward, are you keeping in mind those that you serve? There is an adjustment here when you remember your life doesn’t really depend on having more.

NOTE: At 1:53am on Monday Jupiter Stations Retrograde. Now we will begin to revise some of our philosophies around relating and relating-ships (or 3D relationships). ‘Seniors’ or mentors of any type will have to reconcile their ideal reality with the global picture that provides for everyone and not just their own generation.

With Jupiter moving back to Oppose Uranus and Square Pluto for the 2nd time, we can feel the energy building between the Vast, Transformational Change the ‘Transformers’ (those born between 1991-early 1994) are going to bring to us.

Baby-Boomers are playing a key role here in my town, though no other age-group is aware much of what they are doing. They are trying to bolster the resources of our town via outside money from various governmental levels and banks. They are bringing people from out of town that are qualifying for grants and loans to start up businesses here.

They haven’t done one thing to help the existing businesses, but are bent on bringing in everything new (Uranus in Aries). They have legislated (Saturn which rules public authorities in Sagittarius, the Sign of Seniors) against younger generations who have been very inventive (Uranus) in trying to create a revenue stream for themselves.

Pluto is creating this generation gap as he Squares the Neptune in Libra of the Baby-Boomers and Conjuncts the Neptune in Capricorn of their grandchildren. Capricorn rules the father, or dominant parent, and public authorities. Pluto in Capricorn is a misuse of authority using shared resources of us all… our collective capital of all types.

Jupiter is expanding the Baby-Boomers optimism at the moment. But Uranus is Opposing this optimism with awareness of all kinds to the individual. The ‘Transformers’ are not united at the moment, though deep in the subconscious they are. The Baby-Boomers have always been able to form consensus as Libran energy fosters.

But the awareness of the Transformers Uranus Conjunct their Natal Neptune and Uranus Opposing the Baby-Boomers’ Neptune will no doubt land them on their feet ready to move out. Uranus rules the social media, social network and electricity, the internet and inventiveness. Once mobilized for a good reason, they could be quite effective… and will be.

This T-Square energy is stronger now than on Jupiter’s first pass as Uranus was still Retrograde. Today, as I attended this meeting packed with Baby-Boomers, I felt very strongly the shift from Jupiter. It was as if their time has more than passed its zenith. They are on the dying breath of their old ways. They need to relinquish their control in favor of change. Let’s see how they begin to do this over the next year to 16 months.

I should say the Sun was Conjunct my Midheaven in Aquarius today. I am a change agent in public. They sense I will shock them and I rarely disappoint! I’m all about the change 😉

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