Thoughts of Suicide & the Baker Act

When I received a phone call a few days ago from a grandmother who said she had ‘Baker-Acted’ her granddaughter, well I had to look it up. By the way she was speaking about things, I knew it was NOT a fun thing! She explained it to me a bit and I began thinking about this as a sort of ‘movement’ between grands and their grandkids.

First of, thoughts of suicide is NOT a mental health issue though there are many good sources of support there to get you through it. Locking someone up so they CAN’T do it is very 3rd Dimensional to say the least. In 3D, we have a great fear of death. You only live once and when you die, you go to heaven or hell… or so the belief system goes.

Another aspect of this fear is that parents, and grandparents, are responsible for the way their children/grandchildren turn out.

Chiron Transiting in Pisces or through someone’s 12th House is the most likely placement to bring out this ‘thoughts of suicide.’ Because the 12th House Chiron brings up fears that things just won’t turn out the way you want them to. 12th House and Pisces is where things ‘end’ so death is a sort of ending.

A few days before this grandmother called, I had a text from a mother who said she was having thoughts of suicide and was very distraught about it. I have done Readings for her before and pointed her to my YouTube Channel titled, 5D Astrology and the Theory of Everything and the 5D/Chiron videos there. They completely break down the pain Chiron creates and WHY. With that awareness, this woman completely recovered her composure in a very short time.

In 3D, we are told how horrible it is to commit suicide. But the reality is, in 3D we will always have thoughts of it during a tough Chiron Transit… I don’t care WHO you are. Its a natural part of the human experience.

In 3D, if you don’t know HOW you got here and your life goes to shit, its pretty natural to wonder if you have any options to avoid (Pisces/Neptune) this pain.

So the story with the grandmother and granddaughter  was that I told her she was playing both Pluto (her granddaughter has Aquarian Sun placing Transiting Pluto in her 12th House) and Saturn (Transiting Saturn is authority in the Sign of Sagittarius which rules seniors) for her granddaughter. It was very hard to leap into 5D Soul Awareness around the pain she was feeling and the sense of RIGHT that she did what she was supposed to. And Transiting Saturn  is still Square to Transiting Chiron which created the Heartbreak Transit since Christmas to New Years.  AND the granddaughter has Transiting Saturn (authority of seniors) Square her Natal Saturn in Pisces (Karmic fear of authority).

Turns out the grandmother’s Natal Chiron is in Leo, the Sign of children, and it is a recurring theme over the series of 9 lifetimes to experience loss of children.

So the perfect recipe for everyone to get wounded occurred. When I got the granddaughters time of birth the next day, her wounding was in her 10th House of authority and dominant parent… of course!

Anyway, I thought a written Report for the grandmother to read and give to the granddaughter, along with links to my YouTube channel, was the best way to approach it as Soul Awareness comes when things are ready.

The counselors did what they do quite well in a position of authority (Saturn), they laid the guilt and shame (typical feelings of Chiron in Pisces) back on the granddaughter. She had loudly verbalized her desire to commit suicide (Chiron in Pisces) as emotional manipulation and to throw and pain elsewhere. But it landed her where she likely needed to be… locked up for 30 days with no means to hurt herself. And the following day, she called grandma to apologize.

You better make your peace with someone who can ‘Baker-Act’ you! Especially if your subconscious fear is around authority. By the way, quite a few of those born in 1996 went through Heartbreak Transit this year along with Saturn Square Saturn. I wonder how many other grandparents Baker-Acted their grandkids? It was the perfect storm to do so!

Anyway, the minute you are not afraid of death, someone who has thoughts of suicide will instantly lose it. Your Soul Awareness is compassion and non-judgment and really DOES heal Chiron’s pain.

I remember telling a 20-year-old girl a few years ago that I wouldn’t judge her if she tried to kill herself. I discussed why she wanted to. But I told her she was using it as emotional manipulation of her mother who was her wounding and they were continuing to wound each other. Same dynamic as this grandmother and granddaughter. It is how it all works.

So the next time you hear that someone has thoughts of suicide, share your Soul Awareness with them and see how quickly they become aware. It IS the purpose of these Chiron Transits to bring us back to Soul Awareness.

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