Forceful, Inspiring Words-Feb 16

Snapshot: On Thursday just after noon we could hear some words expressed that are forceful, but helpful, in making way for change.

At 1:15pm Mercury at 14:29 Aquarius Sextiles Mars at 14:29 Aries.

Men could be speaking or sending you words that inspire or surprise you. Or you could express what your personal path to freedom is and it may surprise someone else. Mercury is the Personal Planet bringing up the rear and Mars is charging ahead leading the pack. Here we have a chance to express our new motivations and how we need to change our plans to move in the new direction.

Friday and Saturday are quiet with no aspects made between Transiting Planets until after midnight on Sunday. But the Moon and Sun are busy closing their gap for the upcoming Solar Eclipse on Feb 26. The Sun will ingress Pisces at 6:30am on Saturday morning and we may begin to feel what the Solar Eclipse is bringing our way. Certainly a new set of goals and attitude for the next 6 months. We can get clear on where we need to go.

As the Sun ingresses Pisces, the Moon will be wrapping up her Transit of Scorpio bringing us the Quarter Moon by dinnertime on Saturday. Their Closing Square will be with the Moon at 0:02 Sagittarius, Conjunct Transiting Black Moon Lillith at 0:33. Our intuition will be bringing some big picture insight into the upcoming Eclipse.

Eclipses in Pisces are hidden beneath the surface of the physical world before us. So we have to sense our way forward, but it will bring some great impact as the Sun ingresses Aries and our actions become clear.

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