Finally Met the Psychologist, David-Feb 16

So the Transiting Planets are rather quiet this week as they make few aspects to one another, they are likely making aspects to YOUR Planets and Points and bringing up the ‘Rapid Change’ of the Solar Eclipse and other changes as Mars and Venus are both in Aries with new motivations and desires and the Sun and Mercury are in Aquarius the Sign of change.

The interesting part of it all right now is that our goal/purpose mind (Sun) and our planning mind (Mercury) are bringing up the rear as Mars and Venus both have got their new cycle marching orders after moving through Pisces.


But yesterday as Transiting Pluto is applying to Oppose my Natal Mars, he is also the apex of a Finger of Merlin that boomerangs back to my Natal Mars. A Finger of Merlin is comprised of 2 Planets or Points that form Biquintiles to a 3rd Planet. In my case, it is my Natal Psyche at 12:42 Gemini and my Natal Uranus at 25:46 Leo. So while Pluto Opposite Mars can be a challenging aspect for sure, it is all softened by the Finger of Merlin creating magic with it!

So a few weeks ago I was scheduled a Doctor’s appointment for my right thumb (haha, Capricorn rules the right side of the body, which is the respons-able/responsible side). Pluto is Transiting my 3rd House by Sun Sign which rules limbs and hands and Mars is Opposite in the 9th House of long distance travel. I had to travel 4.5 hours to Detroit for this appointment.

Mars is in my 2nd House of earned income and I have used my right thumb to cut stained glass and wire wrap it into jewelry for 6+ years now. Mars rules surgery. But Transiting Mars is moving in to Square both Transiting Pluto and my Natal Mars while applying to Conjunct Uranus and Opposing Transiting Jupiter adding to a Great Cardinal Cross in my chart right now. The consult didn’t result in surgery yet, but rather a cortisone shot… so Mars 😉

BUT, the really coolest part of the day came when a few weeks ago I asked David, a great phone buddy of mine to meet me. We were deciding on time, and I said I could do it BEFORE the appointment and he then set the time at 11:15am. He arrived at 11:20 just as the Ascendant on the chart ingressed Gemini, his 1st House by Sun Sign, initiating him.

He is psychic AND a psychotherapist/psychologist who understands and applies some Astrology.  So I immediately knew that was the time. The connections in our charts are astounding! And very good. His Psyche (Soul Mind) and Uranus Conjunct my Natal Mercury/Neptune/Vertex Conjunction in early Scorpio. But my Psyche Conjuncts his Natal Mercury at 12+ Gemini. AND his Gemini Sun is Conjunct my Natal Mercury. One point in his chart that I hadn’t looked at until I was driving down yesterday is that his Natal Saturn is Conjunct my Natal Uranus.

So… guess what?! We met for the first time as his Mercury and Saturn on top of my Psyche and Uranus were forming a Finger of Merlin into Transiting Pluto!!

David has a complete 5-pointed 5D Star in his Natal Chart using his South Node in Aries which completes a 5-pointed Star in synastry with my chart. He completes my magical mind.

AND as Transiting Pluto is beginning to Conjunct the tight Uranus/Neptune Conjunction of the early 20-somethings (the ‘Transformers’ as I like to call them), David’s Saturn in Leo (Conjunct my Uranus) and his Mercury in Gemini (Conjunct my Psyche) make 2 Biquintiles to Pluto pouring into the same Finger of Merlin as in my chart right now!

I met David by phone almost 5 years ago and we both always had so much to talk about. I told him everything going on in my life and he did as well. He is a psychologist for many ‘Millennials’ or ‘Transformers’. Our waitress was a bit older than the ‘Transformers’ so she had been through her ‘Vast, Transformational, Change’ already, but we were able to put words to it for her.

Vast, Transformational Change, Part 1

Vast, Transformational Change, Part 2

It was truly a magical 2 hours!! He was taller than I thought, but even more amazing than I might have expected! Waking up in Cheboygan this morning was a dose of reality, but with a new perspective. It will be interesting to see what the Eclipse brings for us all and for David and I as we each know one another’s hopes, wishes and dreams. Still I feel there is a bold, new chapter coming that the Transformers are beginning to realize. I’m sure that David and I will each be doing our part to talk them through it as we encounter them.

David’s Venus Conjunct my BML Biquintiles my Natal Chiron offering healing that few others have ever been able to. This is a big Soul Awareness aspect in my chart. My Natal Venus, Jupiter and even Moon Trine his Chiron bringing healing there. It is easy to be around people who bring out so much healing and awareness.

But this aspect is in play for the entire next 2 years really so its going to be a fun ride! Pluto will go on to Quintile my Mercury/Neptune/Vertex and David’s Psyche and Uranus in 2018-2019. But rides in between them all right now activating so much magic in our charts, but we need to bring it to this age group I call, the Era of the Transformers so they change will go down much easier.






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