The Great Gear Shift of the Eclipse-Feb 19

Snapshot: Just after midnight on Sunday our words may be shocking and unexpected, but will reflect something about the way we, or others, use their power. Or this could also be some unexpected pillow talk.

At 12:38am Mercury at 18:32 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 18:32 Capricorn.

Its a minor aspect, for sure, but Mercury aspects are some of the easiest to identify. There WILL be words or thoughts (even dreams) that surprise you. There could be intimacy or some form of manipulation from you or towards you. You may do this in bed or try to talk someone into bed or into business.

With the Sun now in Pisces, we can begin to see more clearly what has been going on in our subconscious mind and the House/s where you have Pisces in your chart. Some goals/purpose will dissolve over the next month while new ones will be brought to the surface. You will be able to SEE what Neptune has been dissolving on the heels of the Solar Eclipse next Sunday morning. The Eclipse occurs at 8:12 Pisces on Sunday, Feb 26 at 9:58am EST.

But don’t expect the ‘Rapid Change’ of the Eclipse to be evident right away. It is still likely to be hidden in Pisces’ deep water until the Sun, and Mercury, hit Aries in another month.

And Venus is in her Retrograde Shadow and will Station Retrograde at 13:09 Aries on Mar 4 at 4:00am. Some desires will still be revised and revisited before the 6-month window of the Solar Eclipse plays out.

Eclipses are like super-charged Full and New Moons. Their cycle is 18.5 years before they return again to the same degree. What was going on in your life 18.5 years ago? There may be some similar feelings and certainly the same areas of life will be impacted.

Over the next week there are 14 aspects leading us up to the Eclipse, but the Grand Cardinal Cross with Vesta in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Mars and Uranus in Aries is in full play. Mars will run the gauntlet through these Outer Planets beginning with a Square to Pluto on Wednesday. This is energy you want to watch for. Mars will Square Pluto on Wed, Feb 22 at 4:02am and Square Vesta on Thursday night. He will then exact his Conjunction to Uranus just after the Eclipse at 7:19pm on Sunday, Feb 26th. Mars will Oppose Jupiter on Feb 27.

This week is VERY MUCH about this Grand Cardinal Cross and it is accented in the Eclipse chart! That means this Grand Cardinal Cross energy (Great Gear Shift) is likely to be much of what the next 6 months are about. As Vesta is Conjunct my Natal Mars (18:39) and Black Moon Lillith (22:07) in Cancer, I FEEL it ALL as a Great Gear Shift. Do you have a Planet or Point near 18-22 Cancer?

Let’s break it down:

Jupiter in Libra has been expanding our relating and helping us to develop a new philosophy around relating. In 3D, Libra was marriage, as the Baby-Boomers were all about. In 5D, Libra is relating-ships. As you become more aware of the truly Transient Circuit Board that our Universe IS, you can better understand the need to allow relating-ships to move freely through your life without grasping at them to stay there.

Pluto in Capricorn has been showing us the shadow side of the way we use our personal power AND the public authorities have been using/misusing their power. But YOU have played Pluto in someone’s life and someone has played him in yours. And the characters have changed since Pluto ingressed Capricorn in late 2008.

Uranus in Aries has been separating from his ‘Drastic Change’ Squares to Pluto that occurred from Jun 24, 2012 to Mar 16, 2015. But his entire Transit of Aries has been to help each individual receive, through their crown chakra, the awareness/revelation to find their personal path to freedom.

Mars, which rules Aries, is now adding emphasis to our motivation for freedom and our ‘conflict’ with Pluto types. Don’t take the bait. Mars Conjunct Uranus can be ‘accidents’ though not as much as a Square. You could be receiving personal revelation that takes you out of harms way at the same time. And Jupiter will be assisting by helping your relating.

In the 4th corner, we have Vesta, which is the virgins who tended the hearth of the city. In Cancer, she is activating a collective mind-set about the need to tend the land, the home and to nurture. She is where you are surrounded by women or mothers at this time. She is pure in her intent to do what is right to maintain family and home. Can you see how her Opposite energy with Pluto can play out?

But if we stay in the Higher Mind energies of Jupiter and Uranus to help you make the changes of a Great Gear Shift, it will be a very welcome time to shift into more 5D relating and personal freedom.

Look at the Houses you have involved in the Great Gear Shift energy as this will be where a lot of change is occurring that will play a part in the Rapid Change of the Solar Eclipse.


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