Higher-Minded Clarity-Feb 25

Snapshot:  Saturday offers vast, expansive revelation and clarity.

All day on Saturday through to the Eclipse at 9:58am 4 of the 5 Personal Planets will be bathed in Higher Minded energies: Sun in Neptune (subconscious, all-knowing mind), Moon and Mercury in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus, revelatory mind) and Mars Conjunct Uranus. Add to this that the Sun will aspect Jupiter (expansive mind) AND Uranus on the same day from the Sign of Pisces and we have a Higher-Mind clarity coming through that is part of the Solar Eclipse energy.

At 3:37am on Saturday morning the Sun at 6:56 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus at 21:56 Aries.

Perhaps a bit of irritation, but more likely something to shake us out of our rut. Uranus and Neptune energies combined are like a deep ocean earthquake. You can only see the ripple effects on the surface of the water, but you KNOW that something has shifted in a very, big way. Shift happens! Let it wash over you and move you along. Use the clarity to see what the ‘Fresh Start’ of the Solar Eclipse is bringing your way in a reactive tsunami of energy when the Sun reaches Aries on Mar 21 creating the Spring Equinox.

At 6:04pm the Sun at 7:32 Pisces Ses-Squares Jupiter at 22:32 Libra.

As the day progresses the Sun will show you where to make an adjustment that results in an ease between yourself and another/others. With the shift from above, how do you use what you SAW and FELT to better relate? How will this adjustment to your relating assist you with the ‘Fresh Start’ the Eclipse promises? You have 6 months to wrap-up this fresh start, but today you are seeing pieces of your Higher Mind abilities that you need to integrate to get you there. It could be that you need to relate to a senior, mentor or foreigner or someone at a long-distance from you. Find new ways to do this more effectively.

Use these 2 aspects to get into your Merlin Mind and see what magic you can create from this Eclipse. Do you have any 5D aspects being made in your chart? That will help as well 😉

At 6:10pm Mercury ingresses Pisces.

Mercury moves from our revelatory mind to our deep, subconscious mind where we are all connected. Now our plans begin to dissolve to create the next steps we each need to take for the Eclipse energies to emerge as a Fresh Start.

At 7:25pm the Moon ingresses Pisces.

Moon dips into Neptune’s depths and our feelings will begin to align with our goals and purpose to bring the Fresh Start change from within. At this point, you should be feeling the Eclipse energies as we move through the next 14+ hours to the Solar Eclipse.

At 9:58am on Sunday morning, the Moon at 8:12 Pisces Conjuncts the Sun at 8:12 Pisces creating the Solar Eclipse.

On Feb 26, 1998 we had a Solar Eclipse at 7:55 Pisces that takes us through an entire Eclipse cycle. Though this was not the ‘official’ start of an Eclipse cycle. It is the return of the Nodes to a near exact position.

I was trying to remember what occurred the last time the Eclipses fell Opposite my Natal Pluto and counted back the 18.5-19 years to determine it. What happened to you near this time in 1998? There may be some similarities. It is a super-charged Fresh Start in the area of our life where you have 8 Pisces, roughly. Turns out, this was also the time of my Pluto Square Pluto Transit and my father and sister died in the same year as my Natal Pluto is in my 4th House of family by Rising Sign. The Eclipses played a part in bringing ending and beginning across the axis of my 4th and 10th Houses.

Since that Eclipse, I have (and you have too) had a Lunar and Solar Eclipse bringing Rapid Change to each area of our lives. And the cycle is repeating again. Though none of the other Planets are in the same position, of course.




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