Eclipse Awareness & Magic-Feb 26

Snapshot: Sunday morning we will feel some subconscious fresh start. Our goals and feelings will be aligned. Just after dinnertime (EST) we will have some unexpected motivation, don’t react too quickly;) But almost at the same time, we have some 5D clarity around our philosophical ideals.

At 9:58am the Moon at 8:12 Pisces Conjuncts the Sun at 8:12 Pisces creating the Solar Eclipse.

We are launching a new 6-month cycle in the area of our lives where we have 8:12 Pisces in our chart.

If its your 1st House you may find yourself changing your hairstyle, your name or some other way that you appear to people.

If its your 2nd House you could be launching some new values or applying your own resources to some new venture.

If its your 3rd House you could be initiating some new form of communication or transportation plans.

If its your 4th House you could be making some plans to spend more time with family or a renovation of your home or land.

If its your 5th House you could be adding a new family member soon or initiating a new creative or entertainment venture.

If its your 6th House you could be starting a new dietary or health routine or a new living situation.

If its your 7th House you could be waiting to meet a new partner and entering into a relationship.

If its your 8th House you could be looking for an investor to create a new business idea or merging with an intimate partner.

If its your 9th House you could be going on a pilgrimage to study far eastern religions/philosophies. Or just taking a vacation.

If its your 10th House you could be initiating some new career structures or going in a new direction.

If its your 11th House you could be joining a group to better your world in some way. Or pursuing some unexpected wish.

If its your 12th House you may be seeking some form of solitude over the next 6 months as you end an 18.5 year cycle for a new cycle to begin.

At 7:19pm Mars at 22:10 Aries Conjuncts Uranus at 22:10 Aries.

Here we have an exactness that can have us acting so unexpectedly that we trip ourselves up. With some advance awareness, you can be sure not to climb that rickety ladder to get done what you suddenly think is a great idea. This is Mar’s 3rd aspect in the Grand Cardinal Cross. He has Squared Pluto and Vesta and may be wanting to do something around the home so a ladder is a high probability. But he is also likely to see some amazing new inspiration to find his personal path to freedom. Mar’s actions may show the shift you made from the clarity of the Sun’s meeting to Uranus on Saturday.

At 7:44pm the Sun 8:37 Pisces Quintiles Saturn at 26:37 Sagittarius.

This aspect will allow us to see how the fresh start of the Eclipse will magically align with our new spiritual philosophy or global vision. What new structures will be you building to assist this fresh start? What will be your mantra to carry you through this next phase? What philosophy of faith do you need to see it through? It may magically become very clear to you. Its sure to be something like: trust the Universe, there is a perfect order to everything.

All day on Sunday Mars will also be in orb of his Opposition to Jupiter creating a wonderful dynamic for seeing how your own actions relates to others’. Any new relationships (Libra) that you encounter must inherently allow for both partners’ personal freedom, aka 5D ‘relating-ship.’


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