Mars Opposite Jupiter-Feb 27

Snapshot: Monday morning will bring up some competing interests between your personal drive and your relating-ships needs. By late afternoon, our communications will get Soulful and before 9pm we may have some irritating words with some father-like authority.

At 9:24am Mars at 22:26 Aries Opposes Jupiter Rx at 22:26 Libra.

Mars is fresh from his Conjunction to Jupiter and is full-speed ahead on his personal path to freedom, but Jupiter says, ‘not so fast. What are you going to do about this significant person next to you?’ How can you both pursuit your own needs and relate to each other? What is your philosophy around relating and relating-ships? Can you bow out gracefully? Or are you going to move for the door before they notice?

This is Mar’s last aspect to the Grand Cardinal Cross so it should be helpful. But Jupiter will Oppose Uranus on Thursday night (Mar 2nd) and we can get a better idea of what the right action might really be.

At 4:00pm Mercury at 3:24 Pisces Opposes the North Node in Virgo.

Mercury is on the ‘drain’ end of the Nodes of Fate: Conjunct the South Node. What do your communications reflect regarding the Pisces/Virgo axis? Are you putting enough energy into planning your day? Because the South Node in Pisces means you may be trying to just ‘wing it,’ but it won’t serve you well. You need to be sure to plan more and stay on task under these energies.

At 8:50pm Mercury at 3:45 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 18:45 Capricorn.

From the same degree as his meeting with the Nodes of Fate, Mercury gets some irritating communication from a Pluto entity. Or you play Pluto to someone else. There could be suspicion or manipulative words here. But the best response is to let any slight simply wash over you. Don’t take any bait from Pluto who loves to fight his ‘underlings’ so he can feel more powerful or put a few scalps on his belt. Not that strong today, but Pluto can still bring up some unpleasantness.

Tuesday is quiet. Its a great time to process any clarity you received from the Solar Eclipse.

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