Karma, Higher Minds & the Galactic Center – Mar 2

Snapshot: By 8:00am (EST) on Thursday you should have some communication that reveals some of the fresh start of the Solar Eclipse. Late afternoon brings some magical expression around the same subject, likely. And by evening you will have the awareness around your freedom and your relating-ship/s.

At 7:40am Mercury reaches 8:12 Pisces, the degree of the Solar Eclipse of Feb 26.

You can expect to have some ideas around what fresh start the Eclipse initiated for the next 6 months. It is likely to be work, health or living situation related as Pisces externalizes in Virgo. Watch what you’re thinking and what you hear or say on Thursday morning.

At 3:48pm Mercury at 8:50 Pisces Quintiles Saturn at 26:50 Sagittarius.

The Sun made this same aspect on Sunday evening following the Eclipse. We can expect to hear something that communicates the magical clarity we had at that time. It has something to do with our philosophy around the area of our lives (House) where we have 26:50 in our Natal Charts. Saturn is on the Galactic Center on 26+ degrees of Sagittarius. Whatever magic we hear is coming from a cosmic place and may even be related to events from Dec 2012 when the Sun returned to the EXACT Center of the Galaxy ending a roughly 26,000 year cycle (End of the Mayan Calendar). Saturn will make 3 passes to this degree this year and may harken to us about new astronomical and philosophical structures we need to be establishing based on the clarity the Sun provided at that time.

Saturn is in the Sign that Jupiter rules and Mercury is in the Sign that Neptune rules. There is plenty of Higher Mind energies involved AND Karmic energies bringing brought into 5D alignment as Saturn sits on the GC. Let your higher consciousness soar with the energies of this aspect and the one below.

At 8:16pm Jupiter Rx at 22:11 Libra Opposes Uranus at 22:11 Aries.

This is a flash on insight into the higher consciousness of relating to others. Can you SEE the YOU in those you relate to? Our Higher Minds allow us to see the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ our physical reality creates when our Souls know the truth. With this insight, how do you proceed? You must choose to engage, but with new awareness. You must not lose sight of the truth of the physical reality being less than what your Higher Minds know to be true. Can you use this insight to accept the energies before you without judgment? How do you use this awareness to chart your new path forward?

This is a rather significant day when Mercury plays a key role as the ‘lens’ to our Higher Minds and we can get a glimpse into some far more vast than we tend to fathom at times.

And the day started with the Sun separating from the Conjunction to Neptune… hmmm…;)


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