Clarity & Venus Retrograde-Mar 3

Snapshot: On Friday morning we have some clarity around our personal desires. By lunchtime we may have some aggressive words we hear or say. And at 4:00am on Saturday morning, our desires begin their review phase. By morning our words will express something about the dissolving in our lives.

At 7:49am the Sun at 13:08 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Venus at 13:08 Aries.

Venus is one minute from her Retrograde Station which occurs at 4:00am on Saturday morning. She is slowing down considerably and the Sun is able to shed some light on some subconscious aspect of our desires. What we SEE via the Sun today will get revised in some way within 24 hours or so.

At 12:47pm Mercury at 10:27 Pisces Semi-Squares Mars at 25:27 Aries.

Here there could be some heated words that come from some depth that is bigger than just us. Our motivations could be expressed, but there is an irritation here, too. Mars is clear of the Grand Cardinal Cross and is leading the pack of Personal Planets. These words could reveal some of our new motivations to ourselves.

At 4:00am on Saturday, Venus Stations Retrograde at 13:09 Aries.

She will continue back to 26:55 Pisces when she will Station Direct on Apr 15. Venus rules finances, though not taxes exactly (lol) and her Retrograde is going to have some reviewing some of the ways we initiate actions (Aries) with our own resources and beauty. Though she will also return to Pisces and review some subconscious issues that affect the ways we initiate our desires. Not really the easiest of times. Don’t get set on some object of affection as things will be look different over the next 6 weeks.

At 6:10am Mercury at 11:48 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 11:48 Pisces.

The Sun was just Conjunct Neptune on Wednesday so Mercury is moving along ready to Conjunct the Sun very soon on Mar 6th. But for now, Mercury will provide the expression of the clarity we received from the Sun on Mar 1. What are your plans now? Mercury is the last Personal Planet to Conjunct Neptune over this annual cycle and he should speak to what is going on in this area of your life where you have 11+ Pisces in your Natal chart. Neptune is slowly dissolving things that you need to see. Now you can even put words to what you were seeing on Wednesday.

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