Working with Pluto & the GC-Mar 8&9

Snapshot: From dinnertime on Tuesday to after midnight on Wednesday (EST) we may have some helpful words from or towards someone we share resources or ourselves with. 27 hours later (early Thursday), there will be some clarity set in around these words.

At 12:25am on Wednesday  Mercury at 18:56 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 18:56 Capricorn.

It could be a receipt of money or funds or merely words spoken that express how a benefactor or someone in authority will support you and your efforts. Old ideas are dissolving as Mercury dives through Pisces’ deep waters and new ideas are surfacing. This aspect to Pluto will be a fortunate one and likely shows us some of the ‘fresh start’ promised by the Solar Eclipse.

At 3:33am on Thursday the Sun at 18:57 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 18:57 Capricorn.

Here there could be some recognition for your efforts or clarity around how this Pluto entity can help you. You can handle a good handle on how Pluto will be assisting with the ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse. You purpose, as supported by those who are your benefactors or authority-types will become clear.

So what words did you hear on Monday that seemed magical AND REAL? Could you recognize the Biquintiles of the Sun and Mercury to Jupiter followed by the Superior Conjunction? The Superior Conjunction is a mid-way point between the current Sun/Mercury cycle that is ‘seeded’ at the Inferior Conjunction.

The Sun and Mercury were Conjunct on Monday night, but 27 hours later Mercury is already a degree ahead of the Sun. He is moving fast and the faster he goes, the less reliable he is on his own. However, with Mercury in Neptune, he is tied to some Higher Mind energies that are helpful. Use this time to watch how Mercury in Pisces feels.

From Thursday morning to Friday night Mercury will connect with Jupiter, Uranus and Chiron in succession. This is some POWERFUL stuff for our vanity, pea-brain Mercury. He is capable of 5D stuff even though there are no 5D aspects. He is in the Merlin Mind as he is bathed by ALL the Higher Mind Planetary energies AND Chiron.

Last night I woke up and was focused on feeling the Planetary energies at work in my chart right now because I have some things going on that are tied to the Solar Eclipse, but other major Transits to my chart, too. I felt it was Saturn on the GC, but knew Saturn had crossed into 27 degrees. I looked up astronomical info on the GC and calculations say that the GC is now at 27.04 degrees exactly. Saturn was at 27:03 when I looked it up. Anyway, Transiting Saturn is Trine my Natal Uranus and Trine Transiting Uranus creating a Grand Trine that can help with some hopes, wishes and dreams. The thing was all day on Monday my stomach felt tied in knots…something I never feel. I couldn’t remember if this feeling was dread or nervousness. The GC is a Black Hole of unquantifiable energy. Saturn will sit on 27+ degrees as he Stations Retrograde. Big stuff, it feels, if you have some Planets in aspect. My Natal Chiron is exactly Sextile Transiting Saturn right now, too.

By Sun Sign placement, Transiting Saturn is in my 2nd House, Transiting Uranus is in my 6th House and my Natal Uranus is in my 10th House. Hmmm… I’ll explain a bit when all is more ‘concrete’… meaning the Sun ingresses Aries and at least isn’t in Pisces’ depths.



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