Mercury Gets Highjacked-Mar9&10

Snapshot: From Thursday morning on Mercury will be merging all the Higher Mind energies and the umbilical cord to our Soul, Chiron. He is going to elevated to higher and deeper realms of knowledge and awareness.

At 9:57am on Thursday Mercury at 21:38 Pisces Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 21:38 Libra.

Mercury just made a Biquintile to Jupiter, but now he has to make an adjustment in order, likely a subconscious one, to allow in a global picture around relating to others. You could decide you need to drink less as Jupiter and Neptune are the Planets involved in excessive drinking, etc. Either way, there is an adjustment. What magic occurred on Monday during the Biquintile that now requires this adjustment? The adjustment will restore the optimism.

At 8:55pm Mercury at 22:32 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 22:32 Aries.

While a minor aspect, this is helpful and inspiring. And it could bring up some deep, unexpected things that you need to figure your way through. If you have been over-doing any vice, this could allow you the revelation to manage things along with the adjustment you made. Someone may surprise you with words that reveal your path forward.

At 8:35pm on Friday Mercury at 24:28 Pisces Conjuncts Chiron at 24:28 Pisces.

All the optimism and revelation may bring up some wounding words by Friday evening. Though some of the guilt you have been feeling may get expressed. Or someone may fess up to the emotional guilt trip they have put you on. Someone may finally speak about their hidden agenda that has been not-so-fun to deal with. The trick is to let it go as Pisces energy would have it. See what your Soul is showing you in the way of experience and then do with it as you want. If you want to feel more real, you may choose the suffering that is on tap.

A powerful 36 hours to get some very deep insights into where things are going right now. What is dissolving and ending? Where do you need some Soul perspective? How can you apply higher consciousness to the situation?


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