Our Crisis of Faith Gets Expressed-Mar 11-12

Snapshot: On Saturday morning there is a bit of help between our desires and our subconscious. By late afternoon we have some clarity to adjust our relating-ship philosophy. Sunday morning will bring up some Karmic fears that get expressed. It will likely add to the emotional peak of the Full Moon at 22:13 Virgo.

At 8:53am Venus Rx at 12:04 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 12:04 Pisces.

Neptune is finally moving into some unchartered waters as he clears the degree of his Retrograde Station in 2016 at 12:02 Pisces. Now Venus is Rx and reviewing her desires. Here we have a bit of help from our subconscious mind to ease into any merging with another.

At 3:00pm the Sun at 21:26 Pisces Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 21:26 Libra.

Like Mercury on Thursday, the Sun now needs to make an adjustment to continue the magical relating that we enjoyed on Monday when both Mercury and the Sun Biquintiled Jupiter. An adjustment will help us make through to the Opposition which will occur in roughly 2 fortnights (1 month). Most of the time when the subconscious mind is involved we find ourselves saying, “I knew it was going to happen like that.” Well, with the Sun in the Sign of our subconscious/all-knowing/collective mind, we have an opportunity to SEE what we think is going to happen to make an adjustment to change the outcome. Jupiter’s benevolence will assist us in making the connection.

At 7:10am on Sunday Mercury at 27:18 Pisces Squares Saturn at 27:18 Sagittarius.

The words could feel Karmic in nature, but with Sagittarian energy to assist, we can hopefully get a bigger view that allows us to resolve any Karmic response we might make. The thing is, Mercury is exacting this Square just one minute ahead of the 2nd Saturn Square to Chiron that occurs on April 30. This is a ‘Heartbreak Transit’ affecting us all. With Saturn in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces, we are all going through a ‘Crisis of Faith’. We need to be accountable (Saturn) to creating a philosophy (Sagittarius) to help us to trust the Universe (Pisces). While nothing may go like we are yearning for it to (the Square creates the 3D response of yearning), when the Squares are over, things will likely go better than we thought. Though the last Square is in November. So keep this in mind. The ‘Faith’ part of things is KNOWING that we really have very little ‘free will’ but we DO have the ability to respond (Saturn rules response-ability/responsibility) to the Planetary energies in a higher consciousness (Sagittarius) fashion from a position of KNOWING (Pisces).

Pay attention to what you see or say from Saturday night through Sunday morning as this ‘story’ is very likely the same one that will be playing out between now and November, or at least May. The characters may change from May to November, but the general storyline will be similar.

The Sun will Square Saturn at 27:29 degrees on Mar 27 (Friday), but as the aspect is applying the Sun can provide us with clarity around this upcoming Square. Prepare yourself NOW for having to go on faith as you watch the Karmic energy of the Square play out. What you’re seeing IS DUALITY (aka Karma). There will be YOU and an OTHER. But both projections are REALLY YOU. Get that part down and the Square will not be a surprise or as hard to manage.

At 10:53am the Moon at 22:13 Virgo Opposes the Sun at 22:13 Pisces creating the Full Moon.

Here we will see a contrast between the Virgo energies and Pisces energies. Pisces is the hidden half that is externalized in the Virgo areas of health, fitness, work, co-workers, roommates, service, military service, volunteering, duty and day-to-day activities, oh, and accounting (it IS Tax Time). You are going to see how to feel about this axis of energies right now.

There could be something that comes up that is tied to the Eclipse of Sep 13, 2015 that occurred at 20 degrees Virgo.


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