Mercury, the Vanity Mind of 3D-Mar 15

Snapshot: Early Wednesday morning we expressed an adjustment between our own motivations and our service/work. Wednesday night brings some productive speech around our motivations to acquire.

At 7:38am Mercury at 3:15 Aries Quincunx the North Node at 3:15 Virgo.

Here was the adjustment we expressed that had us directing our efforts towards work and service or away from that to our own personal needs.

Mercury is moving pretty fast now. In fact this Quincunx to the North Node becomes a Biquintile on Saturday morning (just 3 days to move 6 degrees) as Mercury Conjuncts Venus creating a very  tight Biquintile/5D magic for them BOTH to the North Node at 3.05 Virgo (between 8-9am). A very nice aspect, for sure 😉 The North Node will need to remind BOTH Mercury and Venus as they merge that what is ‘seen’ is NOT as real as the unseen of the Soul.

At 9:21pm Mercury at 4:22 Aries Semi-Sextiles Mars at 4:22 Taurus.

A minor aspect that involves motivation to communicate and act on our desires. We may pursue money, beauty or luxury goods. Or seek new ways to earn money. What were your motivations when Mars crossed the degree where Mercury now sits (4:22 Aries) around Feb 3rd? Are you now speaking about the actions you took at that time?

NOTE: Mercury tends to be getting carried away with himself (vanity/3D) by this point, so be mindful of this. He will reach his Retrograde Shadow (at 24:16 degrees) about Mar 27th. You always want to check in with your Higher Mind Planets for REAL direction.



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