Vernal Equinox & Clarity – Mar 20

Snapshot: Sunday night brings some subconscious communication. Then at 6:30am EST on Monday, we will feel the initiation of Spring, or Fall, depending on your hemisphere. By Monday afternoon, there will be harmony between the sexes, or our own desires and motivations.

At 12:51am Mercury at 12:23 Aries Semi-Sextile Neptune at 12:23 Pisces.

Here we have some forceful (Aries) words that come from our subconscious. Nothing previously hidden gets spoken.

At 6:30am the Sun ingresses Aries creating the Spring or Fall Equinox. Aries is Cardinal Fire energy which initiates action. The Sun is realtime meaning that Spring is Sprung. Or Fall in the Southern Hemisphere. The great part of this energy means that we will suddenly have CLARITY to go with all of the other Personal Planets’ who are ushering in our new annual cycle as they leave Pisces’ dissolving energies for the new energies of Aries. We can expect to have a month where we can SEE why we have been doing the things we have been since Mars left Pisces. We will SEE how our desires are being revised. And and we can determine which plans our conscious mind, Mercury, has been making that are REAL.

At 3:22pm Venus at 7:47 Aries Semi-Sextile Mars at 7:47 Taurus.

These 2 Planets are in Mutual Reception meaning their energies are interchangeable. Depending on the Houses you have involved, you will have great harmony in your actions and your desires.


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