Powerful, Magical Clarity – Mar 21

Snapshot: Mid-morning (EST) on Tuesday, we have some clarity around our actions and our use of power, but it is magical what we see.

At 10:53am the Sun at 1:11 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 19:11 Capricorn.

This is the Sun’s first aspect since ingressing Aries. What a nice start to the Spring season. We can expect to really see how the ways we initiate action is helping us with the powers that be. Or we can see how our actions are providing us greater social status and helping us to build the career that we want. The Sun is illuminating the energies Mars, Venus and Mercury have already passed through. There is a connection to actions, desires and words of the last 6 weeks or so.

Of course the House placements where you have these degrees in your Natal chart will show who the players are. But as the Sun represents your new goals, these goals will be magically blessed by someone in authority. Stay open and let the magical awareness come in. What you see will help you navigate the Square between Sun and Pluto in about 12 days time.

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