Mercury Enters the Grand Cardinal Cross-Mar 23

Snapshot: Early Thursday morning we have some Soulful motivations that get expressed and we can set new goals. But by evening, our plans may get challenged by an intimate partner, benefactor or authority type.

At 4:03am Mercury at 18:05 Aries Ses-Squares the North Node at 3:05 Virgo.

Here are words express an adjustment that we make to create an ease. The adjustment is between our personal motivations and our service to others. The North Node in Virgo has been bringing us Soul-Level lessons on how to work, to serve and to be. Are we happy? Are we healthy? Do we enjoy our daily activities? Do we like our work? For the last 16 months, as the Eclipses occurred across the Pisces/Virgo axis, we have been reviewing this axis from a Soulful viewpoint. For the 1st year of this Transit, most of us were leaving jobs right and left. And finding new ones that weren’t that much better. Now as the Nodes wrap up Virgo/Pisces and ingress Leo/Aquarius on May 10th, we are coming to a close on what this Transit has been about. Mercury in Aries is seeking self-motivation and this aspect will demonstrate our new approach to work and service. Many of us are finding many new options for work and moving into jobs that better suit us.

At 8:08am the Sun at 3:05 Aries Quincunx the North Node at 3:05 Aries.

Now we get the clarity to see what needed to be adjusted at the above aspect and why. In 6 days time the Sun will Biquintile the North Node bringing us 5D/magical clarity from the same position where Mercury Conjunct Venus in a double-Biquintile to the North Node. How to do our thing (Aries) and be of service to others is a big focus this week and last.

At 7:45pm Mercury at 19:13 Aries Squares Pluto at 19:13 Capricorn.

This is intense words that put your motivations at odds with someone you share yourself with or whose resources you use. There can be some suspicion and aggression (Aries) but don’t buy into it. Do your best to hold your words (hard to do with Aries energy that moves before it thinks) and not antagonize your Pluto entity unnecessarily. When the Sun Squares Pluto on Apr 8th you will have the clarity to work through any lingering issues with this Pluto person/s. But for now, simply try to guard your words and take care with your own use of power. We ALL have our Pluto entities who challenge us and we ALL play Pluto to someone else 😉 When you FEEL this aspect coming on, you can temper it with awareness.

Pluto is still in a Grand Cardinal Cross with Uranus and Eris in Aries, Vesta in Cancer and Jupiter Rx in Libra. Your words could express some of the changes Uranus has been trying to get you to make. Let the gears shift in your life without fighting it. The other energies in the GCC are all benevolent and will keep Pluto’s responses within bounds. But seek the illuminated CHANGE that will be building as Mercury aspects each of the players in the GCC:

Mercury will Oppose Jupiter Rx at 7:45am on Friday morning.

Mercury will Square Vesta at 2:30am on Saturday morning.

Mercury will Conjunct Eris at 23:00 Aries at 4:35am on Sunday morning.

Mercury will Conjunct Uranus at 23:24 Aries at 10:06am on Sunday morning.

Our words over the weekend will be VERY revealing about the Great Gear Shift in our lives as the Grand Cardinal Cross creates change over 4 areas of our lives at the same time.

NOTE: Eris and Uranus have been in a tight Conjunction for months. This has made our revelations bring up discord often at the same time. If we can use our awareness here, we can find some ways to avoid the discord so let Uranus’ Higher Mind guide you to Change without the discord. Vesta and Jupiter are keeping things civil as well.


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