Magical Sexual Attraction & the GCC – Mar 31

Snapshot: Friday morning could bring some magical sexual attraction that works 😉 Or you could find a benefactor for your revised desires.

At 8:16am Venus Rx at 1:18 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 19:18 Capricorn.

So close on the heels of the Jupiter/Pluto Square, it may be interesting to see how this manifests, but there is a magical response possible between our own desires and someone who wants to merge with us. This merging is likely to be physical as Venus is in Aries, but it could also be someone in authority who wants to bankroll your new desires. Or as Aries rules the head and surgery and Venus rules aspects of the face and beauty, the Pluto entity may agree to some financing of plastic surgery, lol, or a new work-out you want to take part in. This is likely the very same Pluto entity who yesterday was overcome with some form of exuberance for power and control of things. But this aspect could bring out the better side. Its quick-moving so you may or may not find a way to use it.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what is left of the Grand Cardinal Cross which is comprised of Uranus/Eris in Aries, Vesta in Capricorn, Jupiter Rx in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.

Vesta and Uranus/Eris are moving ahead of Pluto and Jupiter is now Rx and moving out of orb of them both. Most of the change has begun to be implemented, but may not become personal change until the Personal Planets aspect them from Aries. Mars has moved through the GCC, then Mercury and now the Sun will begin to aspect each of these 5 Planets/Dwarf Planets beginning on Apr 7th. But when Jupiter Squared Pluto on Thursday, we would have gotten a glimpse of some Transpersonal (us and someone else or others) situation that is part of this Great Gear Shift of change and transformation. Pluto will be Rx over the same degrees here shortly. But Uranus has left the GCC for good. Vesta is moving along as well.

Still the Personal Planets will reactivate the energies as they move through the Aries corner. The Sun next week and Venus more than a month from now. The Full Moon on Apr 11th will have the Sun and Moon in Opposition across the Jupiter/Uranus axis. So the GCC will be in motion most of this month yet.

Collectively, the GCC has us seeking personal freedom (Uranus in Aries) while balancing a new relating-ship philosophy. And it has us forming nurturing groups that challenge our public authority or personal autonomy. As these 4 Squares are in Square, there is some challenge between corner to the other corner it is counterclockwise to, creating the Great Gear Shift. Uranus/Eris Square Vesta, Vesta Square Jupiter, Jupiter Square Pluto and Pluto Square Uranus.


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