Shift Happens – Apr 8 & 9

Snapshot: Just before dinner (EST) we will have some accounting to do around our subconscious desires and/or finances. Evening brings clarity of our motivations at odds with someone who is our benefactor, intimate partner or father-like authority. Sunday morning our conscious mind is on hold as Mercury Stations Retrograde. An hour later our feelings will begin to contrast with our goals for action. But we will wake up with our motivations, desires and accountability magically aligned through early afternoon.

At 4:28pm Venus Rx at 27:47 Pisces Squares Saturn Rx at 27:47 Sagittarius.

Saturn just Stationed Rx on Thursday and is just one minute from this Station. Venus will Station Direct on Apr 15th. On Saturday afternoon they are meeting on the degree of the next Saturn/Chiron Square to exact on Apr 30th. Saturn is sitting on top of the current Galactic Center of 27+ degrees Sagittarius. The Sun was last here on Dec 21, 2012 receiving a Cosmic Download of the latest consciousness. Saturn’s Station on this degree is quite significant. And in Square to Chiron, the umbilical cord to our Souls that is tied to the Black Hole at the forms the center of the GC, we have some powerful stuff going on right now. Saturn is holding us accountable to a new ‘global’ philosophy. Chiron is bringing up shared wounding around shame, guilt and emotional manipulation. Venus is a Healing Planet that can act like an ointment to stop some of the pain. The Saturn/Chiron Square is a ‘crisis of faith’ for us all. Though some will feel it more acutely than others depending on our Natal Charts and our dimensional consciousness. Venus in Pisces is our subconscious desires being reviewed by the taskmaster, Saturn. But keeping Saturn from being too severe. Saturn in 5D is really just focus and sustained focus is compassion. What are you needing to look at right now to create a new spiritual philosophy to get you into 5D consciousness? There is some nugget of our cosmic upgrade received by the Sun on Dec 21, 2012 that the Sun received and we are learning to apply.

At 8:49pm the Sun at 19:22 Aries Squares Pluto at 19:22 Capricorn.

Here our motivational goals are challenged by someone in authority, who is a benefactor or an intimate partner. It may feel a bit harsh to your ego, but use the energy to mold your plans for less resistance. This is the Sun’s 2nd aspect to the Planets/Dwarf Planets of the Grand Cardinal Cross. What you feel is likely more than just the Sun and Pluto in aspect. You should have clarity from all 4 corners of the Cross that will reveal how the gears are shifting for you. What has been Pluto’s role in getting you to change 4 areas of your life at the same time?

At 8:45am on Sunday the Moon ingresses Libra.

This will begin to build the emotional peak of the Full Moon in Libra set for 2:08am on Tuesday. This will have both the Sun and Moon within orb of the players of the Grand Cardinal Cross. All day on Monday the Moon will begin to aspect each of the players providing us intuitive insight into the Cross.

At 11:23am Mars at 21:47 Taurus Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 27:47 Sagittarius.

Here we have a 5D perspective of Saturn on the GC. Mars is ruled by Venus at moment which brings in our motivations and desires to be reviewed by Saturn. But here we have a magical alignment that can occur granting us the motivation to respond in a 5D way to our ‘crisis of faith’ that is played out by Taurus’ Fixed Earth energies. What will you build on Sunday morning? It will be cosmic magic, for sure;)

At 7:15pm on Sunday night Mercury at 4:51 Taurus Stations Retrograde.

There are many shifts occurring over this weekend and this one is silently occurring. Though we will feel the shift in our thoughts and ideas. If you were getting carried away with making plans, you may suddenly see that they are not going to be so. The next 3 weeks will show us how our conscious/seeing mind can trip us up. On Apr 20th the Sun and Mercury Conjunct in the Inferior Conjunction seeding a new 165-day cycle of our realistic goal setting. But if you are in your Higher Mind, your Merlin Mind, you hardly focus on Mercury. He is there to trip up the 3D mind/s.




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