Mother of All Bombs-Apr 13

While I don’t usually like to discuss what is in the news, today’s Top Story had me looking at the chart to see what aspects brought it on. As I’ve mentioned, I would like to talk more about less common aspects as they are occurring, but don’t have the software to track them as easily.

At 1:55pm (EST) someone in the office where I work came in and turned on the TV. They were covering the story of the ‘Mother of all bombs’ being utilized in Afghanistan.

The ASC for the chart over Cheboygan was at 12:17 Leo, Virgintile to the Mean North Node in Virgo. Virgintiles are 18 degrees and bring ‘events’. But, as you may recall yesterday’s post, the same story was the Sun Conjunct Eris in Aries applying to Conjunct Uranus just after midnight tonight (1:30am on Friday morning).

Turns out that Neptune and Eris are in an exact Novile today. A Novile is a 40 degree aspect of the 9th Harmonic considered to be ‘Soulful’. It is a Soul-Level test between the 2 Soulmates in a Synastry chart. It shows some form of ‘completion’ of a testing time of their joint capabilities.

But consider the ‘friction’ of Eris in the Sign of aggression, Aries. Eris is often referred to bring ‘discord.’ The Sun was bringing clarity to the hidden aspect (Neptune) of what this Novile is about. Uranus and Neptune were in a Novile (Neptune at 10+ Pisces and Uranus at 20+ Aries) from Jan 12-30. They stayed in a 1 degree orb since then. Eris has been Conjunct Uranus off and on for quite a few months now.

Uranus and Neptune in aspect to each other tend to bring things to the surface that have been hidden for some time. The aspect they make to each other determine how easy this process goes down. Their Novile was testing our ability to release without much aggression, but the mix with Eris and the Sun revealing the hidden fears of Neptune brought it all to light in a big way.

The Sun has been moving through the Grand Cardinal Cross showing us what has been shifting there. And really what the tension has been all about.

Let’s not forget the other elements are work at this time:

Venus Rx is sitting almost exactly Conjunct Chiron, but won’t exact before she Stations Direct at 6:18am on Saturday morning. Still, she is very powerfully positioned within the Saturn/Chiron applying Square that will exact again on Apr 30th. Saturn is Rx on the degree of the Galactic Center and in a “Heartbreak” aspect to Chiron, the umbilical cord to our Soul.

More of today’s events will be revealed as the Sun Conjuncts Uranus at 1:30am on Friday. We can expect to receive some revelations and clarity around what has been going on.

The Sun will Square Vesta in Cancer about the time we are waking up on Friday (EST). This will bring the Sun through the Grand Cardinal Cross showing us all that is going on there.

At 10:15am on Friday, Mars at 25:15 Taurus Quintiles Neptune at 13:15 Pisces.

Our actions will magically align with our subconscious mind. Though this is likely to be more personal for each of us, we can hope to have resolved some things around any personal bombs that have gone off in our own lives.

On Monday morning the Sun will Trine Saturn revealing something helpful around Saturn’s Square with Chiron and perhaps some actions we can take to mitigate any pain associated with the Saturn/Chiron Square.

But Sunday we have 4 Personal aspects that will make the events of the Grand Cardinal Cross more personal to us.



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