Some Sextiles with your Coffee-Apr 16

Snapshot: Saturday night through Sunday night brings us productive clarity around our motivations and the wounding side of the Apr 30th Heartbreak Transit.

At 9:37pm on Saturday night the Sun at 26:19 Aries Semi-Sextiled Mars at 26:19 Taurus.

This aspect is the first part of a 5-way aspect between Sun, Venus, Mars and Chiron each of 26+degrees of the Sign they are Transiting. This first aspect aspect brought clarity around our motivations to acquire and our own personal will.

At 4:25am the Sun at 26:35 Aries Semi-Sextiled Chiron at 26:35 Pisces.

Any aspects to Chiron (or Saturn, too) can shed some light on the 2nd Saturn/Chiron Square sometimes called a ‘Heartbreak Transit.’ The Sun brought some clarity on how to seek your own goals no matter what is going on that may be painful, disappointing, shameful, guilt-ful, or an emotional tug-of-war, etc.

At 7:24am Mars at 26:35 Taurus Sextiled Chiron at 26:35 Pisces.

Here our motivation to acquire works productively with any of the pain coming from the Saturn/Chiron Square which is in tight orb at the moment and won’t exact until Apr 30th.

At 1:26pm the Sun at 26:57 Aries Semi-Sexiles Venus at 26:57 Pisces.

Here our clarity gets a helpful nudge from our subconscious that our new/revised desires are aligning with our goals here.

At 8:27pm Venus at 26:58 Pisces Sextiles Mars at 26:58 Taurus.

Venus rules Mars in Taurus and as she is newly Direct again and Conjunct Chiron, she is quite powerful and ready to help us see how our new desires can work productively with our motivations to acquire (Mars in Taurus).

While these Sextiles and Semi-Sextiles are minor aspects, they are productive ones and this many of them occurring at the same time is syncing our personal goals, desires and motivations together. With Mercury Rx, though, we may not be able to fully express all that has been synced just yet. But by Wednesday night, early Tuesday we should have clarifying words that will show us what all has been accomplished here.

At 1:54am on Thursday Mercury Rx Conjuncts the Sun at 0:20 Taurus. This is the Inferior Conjunction that seeds a new 160-day cycle between our reality and our thoughts and ideas.



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