New Moon in Taurus – Apr 26

At 8:16am (EST) the Moon at 6:27 Taurus Conjuncts the Sun.

This is the New Moon in the Sign of Fixed Earth, Taurus. In many climates, this is the New Moon that brings planting of seeds as Taurus is where we begin to ‘build’ things and acquire through various means. For each of us, this is an annual ‘fresh start’ in the area of our lives where we have 6+ Taurus. For all of us, it is the beginning of our motivations (as revealed in Aries) to give seed to our desires, values and ways of acquiring.

Its an interesting time right now with the 4 Personal Planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) each Transiting in different Signs: Venus is on the final degree of Pisces, though ready to join Mercury Rx in Aries by Thursday morning. Sun and Moon are in Taurus and Mars is in Gemini. All of our Personal energies are operating in various energies.

Our motivations via Aries have been under review from both Venus’ and Mercury’s Retrograde cycles. Mercury will Conjunct Uranus on Friday before he finally Stations Direct to pass him one last time.

The Grand Cardinal Cross has separated with Vesta set to ingress Leo in a few days. The Mean North Node will ingress Leo as well, followed by the True North Node a few days later.

Jupiter is still retracing his steps and has us reviewing our relating-ship situations and philosophy. Saturn and Chiron are in tight orb of their 2nd Square which will exact on Apr 30. You may be feeling some of the situations building and there may be a direct link to the situation of the 1st Square on Dec 28th.

Black Moon Lillith is at 8+ degrees Sagittarius offering all of us a chance to see the Big Picture of things from a 5D standpoint if we allow it. Psyche, the Soul Mind, is at 5+ degrees Virgo, but Direct again, going over some of the Soul-Level lessons the North Node has brought us over the last 18 months.

The New Moon in Taurus is a perfect time to take stock of the Planetary energies and see where we are situated at the moment. Things are moving both ‘forward’ and ‘backward’ and its important to note that there is ‘no such thing as linear time, because no Planets orbit in a straight line’ as I often say.

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