The Crisis of Faith, Part 2 – Apr 30

Snapshot: Late dinnertime (EST) on Saturday we will have some adjusted desires around our motivations for work, health and service. Sunday brings the 2nd round of ‘pain’ over a potential ‘crisis of faith.’ But early Monday brings a bit of magical desires to merge.

At 6:59pm on Saturday Venus at 0:39 Aries Quincunx the North Node at 0:39 Virgo.

The Mean North Node has already ingressed Leo so how strong this aspect feels will depend on which Nodal measurement is strongest for us. But if you feel this aspect it will be an adjustment around our motivation to spend our resources (Venus in Aries) and our service to others (NN in Virgo). Or our motivations for passion and touch (Venus in Aries) needs to be tempered by the need to serve others and not just our own passions.

At 4:24pm on Sunday Saturn Rx at 27:18 Sagittarius Squares Chiron at 27:18 Pisces.

Here, in 3D we would have Karmic fear in Karmic Square to Soul-Level wounding. But in 5D, we have some accountability to exercise our ‘spiritual philosophy’ to see us through any rift between ourselves and the collective ‘god-head.’ In 5D, pain is replaced by awareness. But there are many out there struggling with the pain and agony of this aspect. The 1st Square occurred on Dec 28th and there may be a strong connection to that episode. However, you could also be moving on from that pain and learning to trust your philosophy more. The 3rd Square will occur on Nov 2 at 24:47 degrees of the respective Signs. Once this aspect clears, things will usually be better than they were before the aspect. Not necessarily with the same person, but maybe. But the areas of your lives where you have 21-27 Sag/Pisces are being stressed and will make you stronger once it has passed.

At 5:53am on Monday morning Venus at 1:22 Aries Quintiles Pluto Rx at 19:22 Capricorn.

Here we have some potential magic between our revised passionate desires and our intimate power. Financial arrangements could be made or sexual desires realized. There are not the type of alliances that endure in the 3D sense, but brief respites from the any limited parameters that we may have felt earlier. Seek to merge.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the Sun in Taurus will aspect both Saturn and Chiron providing us an opportunity to heal things with anyone involved in our ‘crisis of faith’ though it is largely internal and hidden. We can see how to be grateful for any suffering we may have felt.

The Sun will continue to aspect most of the Outer Planets throughout the rest of the week: Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto.

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