Time for Magic, Fun & Clarity-May 9

Snapshot: Very early Tuesday brings us a Soulful perspective around the lessons of our ‘work/service/fitness ethic’ and our revised personal desires. Early afternoon has our Soulful lessons beginning around creativity, fun/entertainment, children and romance. Then easy clarity around our resources and resources we share with others.

At 3:11am on Tuesday, Venus at 6:05 Aries Biquintiles the True North Node at 0:05 Virgo.

This is the last aspect made to the True Node before the ingression into Leo. Venus in Mars in combining male and female energies into a double-magic aspect to our Soul-Level lessons around all things Virgo: work, health, fitness, service, volunteering, roommates, daily activities and more. It is also wrapping up the lessons of how Virgo externalizes Pisces’ subconscious energies. What the connection is between how clear our subconscious is of fear determines how we manifest in Virgo.

Did you suffer from health issues? Did you leave jobs that weren’t appropriate to your sense of well-being? Did you find new jobs that felt better? Did you return to work?

Venus is initiating (Aries energy) our new desires for this annual cycle. Can you see how your pursuit of resources is working magically with your new Virgo ethics?

At 1:30pm the True North Node ingresses Leo.

The Mean Node entered Leo a few days ago and I have already begun to feel the shift into Leo Soul-Level lessons. Let’s see how much stronger it becomes when the True Node ingresses Leo. (The True Node follows the exact/true position of the Moon to the Sun indicating where the Eclipses will occur). Prepare to begin lessons of how to do romance, raise children, have fun with children, create and entertain yourself and others. But most importantly, the purpose of fun from a Soulful perspective.

At 2:24pm the Sun at 19:18 Taurus Trines Pluto Rx at 19:18 Capricorn.

Here we have some strong clarity around our own resources and earned income and the benevolence of authority types towards us. We could find we have a benefactor for the new ways we want to acquire. Or we can see how our own use of power is used to help us acquire resources. Pluto, as a player in the Grand Cardinal Cross over the last few months, has us driven to succeed as he was Square to Jupiter. The Sun in Trine to Pluto can shed light onto the ways we can succeed financially as we shape our values at the same time.

We are roughly half-way through the Eclipse cycles of Spring to Fall. With the Eclipses in Leo now (as shown by the Ingression of the True Node into Leo), the Eclipses will occur on Aug 7 and 21. That means we are midpoint to the super-charged ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse and wrapping up the endings of the Lunar Eclipse. Try to take in what you think was the ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse begun in the hidden depths of Piscean waters. You haven’t quite seen all of the potentials that Eclipse started.

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