Revelation & Magical Full Moon – May 10

Snapshot: On Wednesday we have some revelation just after midnight. Afternoon brings an emotional peak sandwiched between magical motivation and clarity.

At 1:20am Mercury at 25:55 Aries Conjuncts Uranus at 25:55 Aries.

This is Mercury’s last pass over Uranus so the revelation and change we make now are settled into our personal situations. With both Planets in Aries, we will be changing something about the way we assert ourselves and applying what has been learned through Mercury’s Rx cycle. This aspect will allow us to express the changes or to hear it expressed to us by someone else.

At 3:52pm Mars at 13:18 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 19:18 Capricorn.

Minute before Mars and Pluto exact, the Moon will Sextile Pluto offering us some intuition around our use of power or someone else’s. Mars and Pluto in double-magic should bring us some motivations to communicate with someone in authority. Or we will use our authority to magically motivate someone else to speak. It could also involve local transportation in some way. But the magic will make the intensity of Pluto work magically with Mar’s willfulness.

At 5:42pm the Moon at 20:24 Scorpio Opposes the Sun at 20:24 Taurus creating the Full Moon.

This is an emotional peak between the 2 Money Houses. At the Taurus New Moon you were planting seeds around your resources, values, beauty, etc. This Full Moon will show you how you feel about the cycle you began 15 days ago. It can involve how a ‘partner’ feels about your new beginning as well. Regardless, you may be hellbent to get the new money arrangement ironed out. If you feel this intensity, just use your awareness to allow it to move through you without reacting.

The chart for the Full Moon is shown above. The Ascendant falls on top of Jupiter with the Sun already in tight orb to the next magical aspect to Jupiter. So this Full Moon should be very helpful in working with your relating-ships or using diplomacy. And the Moon AND Sun are making very good aspects to Pluto as well. So the day should be quite easy and help you see what you need to about your financial and love situations.

At 8:06pm the Sun at 20:30 Taurus Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 14:30 Libra.

What a nice aspect between the energy of the 2 Healing Planets: Jupiter and Venus, which rules Taurus AND Libra. We are clear about our desires and willing to use our relating-ship philosophy for the benefit of our relating-ships and global entities as well. Its a great time to view your financial picture and see how successful your refined relating can assist you in creating more.

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