Higher-Minded Motivations – May 11/12

Snapshot: Thursday afternoon our motivations may seem to disappoint. A few hours later we have some words expressed that ease the angst. By Friday morning our motivations get boosted with optimism that may get irritate a bit.

At 1:52pm (EST) on Thursday Mars at 13:55 Gemini Squares Neptune at 13:55 Pisces.

You may want to escape something you planned to do today or just feel lethargic trying to complete it. Mars in Gemini wants to talk and go here and there, but this Square can challenge all of that motivation. Just surrender to it as the next 16 hours will turn the tide as Mars meets with a 2nd Higher Mind Planet, Jupiter, on Friday.

At 4:14pm Mercury at 26:48 Aries Trines Saturn Rx at 26:48 Sagittarius.

Initiating communication or ideas with knowledgeable types will bring about a great ease and likely leap in higher consciousness. You will be testing your philosophy as you try to share it with others.

At 6:19am on Friday Mars at 14:23 Gemini Trines Jupiter Rx at 14:23 Libra.

What seemed like drudgery on Thursday could be a stroke of good fortune as you realize any delay in your actions pays off as someone else is there to share the effort with. You will be motivated to relate and communicate and it will be easy to do so. Perhaps you can also see how your motivations are not really something you can affect all that much so go with the energies you feel and accept it.

At 8:57am Jupiter Rx at 14:22 Libra Semi-Squares the North Node at 29:22 Leo.

With Jupiter’s involvement, any irritation is usually negated here. There will be a nudge to keep some fun in the mix rather than to get too carried away with any seriousness or too much obligation to a relationship;)

NOTE: We are just at the very beginning of the North Node’s 18 month Transit through Leo. Have you noticed the shift towards not being afraid to be in the spotlight? Or a pulling away from groups to seek your own fun and creative expression?

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