Magic, Clarity & Revelation – May 14/15

Snapshot: On Monday night (EST) we have some Soulful and magical motivations. Tuesday the magic continues with subconscious clarity followed by revelation.

At 9:04pm on Monday Mars at 16:50 Gemini Quintiles the True Node at 28:50 Leo.

Here our motivations will go into magical realms bringing us a taste of the Soul-Levels lessons of the North Nodes 18-month Transit through Leo. Fun is on tap, romance is being magically pursued and people are acting on creative impulses. The True Node is on the degree of the Solar Eclipse (just 4 minutes from exact) of Aug 21st. The Nodes show the axis of the Eclipse cycle we are in. Your motivations and actions on Monday night should point you toward the super-charged ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse a few months away.

NOTE: In the last week I have seen 2 painters out and about our small town. They are getting into the purpose of the North Node in Leo. They were painting in high-traffic areas allowing them to receive some Leo attention for their craft.

At 1:20pm on Tuesday the Sun at 26:01 Taurus Quintiles Neptune at 14:01 Pisces.

Here we have some magical subconscious clarity. When the Sun meets Neptune we get to see through his shroud of fog where he is dissolving things in our lives. The 5D aspect of the Quintile will allow us to see a bit of how our ‘magic’ can work. Can we change-up what we are ‘seeing’ via the use of the 5D energy? Perhaps. One thing is for sure, you can get a handle on what is leaving your life to make way for new beginnings. And the Sun is showing you something about your beauty, your resources, your values, etc. from the Sign of Taurus. This allows us the ability to set new goals in the area of love and ‘wealth.’

At 7:35pm on Tuesday the Sun at 26:16 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 26:16 Aries.

Here we have even more revelation coming in around our resources and ways we can use them to achieve our personal path to freedom. Or to pursue some philanthropic endeavor with Uranus’ flashes of inspiration. The Sun is nearing a Square to the North/South Node (Nodes of Fate) which will exact on Friday (along with 6 other aspects!!). The South Node is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, the Sun is Square to the Nodes will show us how to use our resources to pursue more fun and creativity. Uranus in the Sign of Aries is helping us break free from the pack. Uranus/Aquarius rules the social network and groups. But the Soulful energies and revelatory energies are moving us into realms of our personal wholeness rather than collective mindsets.

Over this week, the Sun will be aspecting ALL of the Higher Mind Planets: Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter on Friday; the 2 Karmic Planets: Neptune and Saturn on Wednesday; and 2 Soulful points: Chiron on Thursday and the North Node on Friday. See what you can over the next few days. All of the clarity focuses on your resources and the ways to apply them for the cycles of energies we are in.

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