Grand Kite: Letting Go to Be YOU – May 15

Snapshot: From now until early Friday we are under the energy of a Grand Kite which has the Nodes of Fate as the support beam and Saturn and Uranus as the ‘wings.’

At 2:14am on Friday morning, Saturn Rx at 26:23 Sagittarius Trines Uranus at 26:23 Aries.

This Trine is building now and will gather strength until it exacts. Effectively, this is some harmony between the status quo, or ‘powers that be’ and any innovation and change. Yes, these tend to be 2 contradicting energies, but in this aspect they will bring about a change that balances both ‘tradition’ and ‘novel’ ideas. Saturn and Uranus are in 2 Fire Signs so there is some passion to initiate (Aries is Cardinal Fire) and changeable philosophy (Sagittarius is Mutable Fire) to allow for the change while maintaining some global perspective.

But as these 2 exact, the Nodes of Fate are within orb creating a ‘Grand Kite’ configuration. The Nodes of Fate have just recently ingressed the Leo/Aquarius axis. Leo is the 3rd Fire Sign of ‘Fixed’ energy. We are working on doing our own creative/romantic/fun thing while letting go of some old ‘group think’ that needs to go by the wayside. Rather than seeking change and novel ideas on this axis, we are to be more self-centered and allow our inner light to shine. If that light affects others, so be it. But we simply need to ‘let our light shine.’

Uranus rules Aquarius, where the South Node is Transiting now. So there is a bit of a double-Uranian edge to this Kite. Uranus in Aries is initiating change for each individual. Uranus rules groups and the electrical connection of ‘group think’ like ‘flash mobs.’ But the South Node here means that we need to be more about doing the Leo side of it. Which is a bit of a conundrum as the Grand Kite energy pours into the South Node.

The Kite energy is saying that in order to prepare for the Soulful Leo Lessons right now, we need to be mindful of our need to let go of any ‘group think’ that sways us in some direction and let ourselves be grounded more in our SELF. Its okay for a kite to fly about in the wind. It is beautiful, for sure. But that kite can only fly about when it is properly tethered by someone on the ground giving it just the right amount of tension and release for it to dance.

Recognize your uniqueness, but don’t move towards that aspect of yourself right now. Move towards your inner purpose where your artistic light is found. Do the Leo thing. Seek the spotlight for your own joy of expression. Don’t worry about the group thinks. They will soon see the beauty in you expressing you. Uranus and Saturn are allowing the spectrum of ‘tradition’ and ‘ingenuity’ to work harmoniously to make room for YOU and YOUR creative expression.

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