The New Moon of Expressions – May 24/25

Snapshot: Wednesday night we have some Soulful adjusting followed by clarity around our use of power or someone else’s misuse of power. It is followed by a challenge between lovers and investors. Thursday brings a fresh start around communications, transportation and desires.

At 7:15pm (EST) on Wednesday the True Node at 28:16 Leo Quincunx Chiron at 28:16 Pisces.

Whatever your fun or creativity, be sure to adjust it to Soul Awareness. There is an adjustment to be made here. The Nodes of Fate have just begun a new round of Soul-Level lessons and we are still in orb of the ‘Heartbreak Transit’ so be sure your ‘fun’ won’t lead to shame/guilt or emotional manipulation.

At 11:16pm the Sun at 4:07 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 19:07 Capricorn.

This is Part 1 of a 3-way aspect between Venus, Sun and Pluto. Your clarity around communications will lead to an adjustment that results in ease with those in authority. Or those who provide you use of their resources. Or your intimate partners. This is the Sun’s last aspect before the New Moon. What you ‘see’ here will assist you in the month ahead.

At 12:22am on Thursday Venus at 19:07 Aries Squares Pluto Rx at 19:07 Capricorn.

Your clarity may not allow you to adjust yourself in time for some blowback between your own resources or desires and those who provide you with resources or those you desire or share yourself with. There is a challenge here. Women may be asserting their own will, or your feminine side will be swayed by your masculine side bringing in a power play with Pluto types. It doesn’t have to get ugly if you use your awareness to manage the energies. Be sure to look for the clarity that can head things off in advance as much as possible.

At 3:45pm the Moon at 4:47 Gemini Conjuncts the Sun at 4:47 Gemini creating the New Moon.

This New Moon is the monthly fresh start that involves communications, local transportation, community events, early childhood learning, classmates/siblings/neighbors and cousins. Depending on the House where you have 4+ Gemini will determine WHO and WHAT you will begin a fresh start with. The Sign of Gemini has been a hard-hit Sign over the last 2 years with Saturn Opposing, Chiron, Neptune and the Nodes of Fate Squaring. With any luck, you may be restoring some communication with those you have been recently hurt by through the 2016 Karmic Squares and the 2016/17 Heartbreak Transits.

On Thursday your public life (Sun) and private life (Moon) will be in sync and you can feel which way things are developing over the next month.

At 7:55pm Mercury at 10:57 Taurus Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 25:57 Sagittarius.

Here we need to adjust our words of love to be more accountable to the big picture or to our philosophical perspective. Or we will communicate how we can use our resources for the greater good. This aspect can bring about many things spoken or written, but the key point here is accountability to the greater good, the global plan rather than just our own wants.

There are no aspects made on Friday between the Transiting Planets, though you may have some to your Natal Planets.


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