Mars & Heartbreak T-Square – May 28/29

Snapshot: For the entire week ahead Mars will be creating a T-Square of stressful energy with the players of the Heartbreak Transit: Saturn and Chiron.

Just before the T-Square builds, on Saturday and Sunday we are all about communication, ideas, local travel, siblings, neighbors, etc. What did you hear or say near these times?:

At 1:12pm on Saturday Mercury at 13:21 Taurus Semi-Squared Chiron at 28:21 Pisces.

Were there some painful words around your desires?

At 3:17pm Mercury at 13:28 Taurus Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 13:28 Libra.

Any healing words that helped you better relate?

At 3:04am on Sunday Mercury at 14:10 Taurus Sextiled Neptune at 14:10 Pisces.

Did you have some subconscious words get spoken that shed light on your desires?

Throughout the weekend, Mars is closing in on an Opposition to Saturn. You may have felt the restriction begin… again… around communication.

At 2:55am on Monday morning Mars at 25:44 Gemini Opposes Saturn Rx at 25:44 Sagittarius.

Our motivation to speak, even angrily, will be up against Saturn’s stern gaze that wants us to focus on the bigger picture and our philosophical ideals. Should we express anger, or are we going to bottle up our angry words? What good will it do? Road rage is a big thing with Mars in Gemini and Saturn being the senior slowpoke in front of us. It all amounts to a slow burn of anger. But as Mars and Saturn are both within orb of a Square to Chiron, the energy is likely to bring up the issues of the Heartbreak Transit that exacted on Dec 28 and Apr 30. The 3rd Square will be on Nov 2 at 24+ degrees of their respective Signs: Sagittarius and Pisces.

Mars is ‘go’ energy. Saturn is ‘stop’ energy. There is the dilemma. And they are Opposing across the axis of communication and ideas. Local vs. Global. Immaturity vs. Maturity. Karma vs. Higher Consciousness.

Mars won’t exact his Square to Chiron on until Friday, Jun 2nd so this week is bound to bring up some challenging and painful motivations. If you can accept what is before you, you can still find gratitude for the experience of it all and move out of the pain.

The helpful part of this aspect comes in on Tuesday night when Mars Sextiles Uranus. Saturn Rx is still within orb of a Trine to Uranus so there is revelation to help us make the changes we need to make.

Wednesday offers some magical and easy reprieve in other areas of life while Mars exacts to Square Chiron.

If you find the energy moving you to stay busy, that is the T-Square energy emptying into the 4th corner in Virgo. Work, health and fitness may be your best option.

Another on-going aspect is the Quincunx between Jupiter Rx at 13+ Libra and ready to Station Direct around June 9th to Neptune at 14+ Pisces Stationing to Retrograde around June 15th. These 2 Planets are Higher Mind Planets in an ‘adjustment’ mode. In easy aspects, they provide a wonderful feeling of having an angel on your shoulder. But in hard aspect these 2 create all types of escapist tendencies to manage the excess, subconscious energies. There is a point being made here over the next few weeks…. are you going to choose to relate to others in a tangible way or are you going to keep your relating-ships in the hidden, subconscious realm? In 5D, there is a wealth of experiences we can encounter and play with that don’t really manifest in the physical realm. In 3D, people tend to try to return to this 5D space through the application of all of the ‘vices.’ While others don’t understand the ‘trip’ they took, that experience can be very ‘real’ to the person. This adjustment aspect is calling us to move into an understanding of managing ‘relating’ to others as a mirror of ourselves. Then the lines between what is ‘seen’ and what is ‘unseen’ are blurred and meaningless, perhaps. But that is the awareness of 5D… not to SAVE the Planet as so many spiritual types (4D pretending to be 5D) think we are here to do. No… we are HERE to shapeshift whatever we can learn to manage to do. Blur the lines, but do it with CONSCIOUSNESS of all that results in. Become a Merlin!


3 thoughts on “Mars & Heartbreak T-Square – May 28/29

  1. Wow. Thanks so much for this. I couldn’t get out of bed yesterday. My head was pounding and throat hurt. Felt like flu. Yet i wanted to eat everything in sight. Today still feel totally out of it. But made myself get up & Going to yoga now.

    I cant take much more. Its great to have the awareness but man… physically life really sucks when u cant get out of bed or think straight.

    Thank you for the insight. Jen


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