Pt 2 of Mars in the Heartbreak Transit – Jun 1/2

Snapshot: Thursday morning bring some very nice ease between our personal desires and our global perspective. Friday morning brings clarifying revelations and some wounding around our communications.

At 11:23am (EST) on Thursday Venus at 25:30 Aries Trines Saturn Rx at 25:30 Sagittarius.

This is a very nice feeling that will allow an ease in the way we initiate and/or pursuit our desires and how that will jive with our overall sense of the global good. We may seek to use our own resources for the greater good. Our abundant philosophy will allow us to initiate sharing our own resources with others. Saturn was last at this degree around Feb 8-9 so there may be some connection to things that occurred at that time. It is within orb of the 2nd Heartbreak Transit of Apr 30, but Venus offers some healing there along with the Sagittarius energy of optimism. While Saturn has been holding down our otherwise expansive feelings in order to get us to focus on how to align our power with our benevolent goodwill, today we can see some glimmer of how Saturn has been helpful in creating a more accurate perspective.

At 5:55am (EST) on Friday the Sun at 12:03 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 27:03 Aries.

While this is an irritating aspect, the clarity and revelation will be something we need. Our personal drive for freedom can challenge things with communication, local community and sibling areas of life. You will see clearly what changes you need to make in your communication. You can set clearer goals for community projects as well. If you haven’t figured out how Karma works yet, the Sun is sitting Opposite Saturn’s position in one of the Karmic Squares of 2016. You can use this aspect to see what and how Karma works.

At 6:14am Mars at 28:30 Gemini Squares Chiron at 28:30 Pisces.

This is the 2nd half of Mars in the Heartbreak Transit making a T-Square of it. He Opposed Saturn on Monday and now is exacting the Karmic Square energy with Chiron. Don’t believe what you see. If you are seeing double of something, it is the Karmic Square, which is just an illusion of 3D separation consciousness. If you hear painful words, just let it go. If a man seems to wound you, accept it. Or your own actions may well bring out a Karmic backlash. Let it go and it should just evaporate. It may not be fully over until after the final Square on Nov 2, but look beyond it.

As Uranus and Chiron are in orb of a Semi-Sextile, you can use the clarifying awareness of the Sun and Uranus to assist you with ways of managing this energy. And keep in mind, Saturn is in orb of a Trine to Uranus so use the helpful energies where you can.

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