Expression, Clarity & Magic – Jun 4

Snapshot: Sunday and Monday has so much energy flying around it will be a whirlwind until Mercury begins expressing it all from Monday night through Saturday, Jun 10th.

At 3:24am on Sunday Mercury at 25:19 Taurus Quincunx Saturn Rx at 25:19 Sagittarius.

Here we can express some healing around our ‘Crisis of Faith’ that is the Heartbreak Transits of Dec 2016-17. There is an adjustment to be made that involves our own beauty, love and resources in contrast to our abundant global philosophy.

At 12:13pm the Sun at 14:14 Gemini Squares Neptune at 14:14 Pisces.

Here we have some much needed clarity around our subconscious mind and ways to communicate what Neptune has been dissolving in our lives where we have 14+ Pisces. There is some duality here with Gemini and the Square so be prepared to see how this duality is really just another projection of ourselves via any subconscious fears. Don’t buy into the ‘3rd party’ illusion.

At 3:51pm Mercury at 26:14 Taurus Quintiles Neptune at 14:14 Pisces.

Meeting Neptune on the same degree and minute as the Sun, Mercury comes in with some 5D/magical expressions of love, beauty and abundance. It should provide solace to any 3D response you had from the Sun Square Neptune.

At 3:52pm Venus at 28:34 Aries Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 28:34 Pisces.

A minor aspect but it can provide more healing to the afternoon. Our desires may be changed or we should, at least, be more aware of them after Venus met with Uranus. Chiron can bring up some Soulfulness that has us take a step back for a moment, but we can use our touch to soothe any angst.

These last 3 aspects on Sunday are made from Personal Planets to Higher Mind Planets and Soulful points. All day Monday this same pattern continues. Mercury makes 4 of the 7 aspects so we will be expressing all the deep, Soulful energies we are immersed in right now.

On a personal note, Friday night with Venus Conjunct Uranus was quinessential Uranian shock and awe! I had several requests for Reports, Readings and thanks for Readings already done. People looking for me as they were suddenly talking Astrology and thought of me. Rowdy women and desirous men. What an aspect!

But there was a very Soulful one by this morning, too. One of my longest-running Astrology followers happened to plan to visit me last night so we could go out for some fun together. As always we were talking non-stop awareness stuff. But this morning she woke up to a bunch of missed calls and called one of them back. Now, Vicki’s chart is VERY UNIQUE from a Merlin/Higher Mind standpoint. She is undergoing the 1st pass of Transiting Uranus Opposite Natal Neptune, Square Natal Uranus and Natal Jupiter (in Conjunction in Cancer) as well! This is a T-Square of energy in her chart that strongly colors the struggles and shocks of her life. All of Vicki’s Outer Planets are at 26-28 degrees of various Signs. So she is being hit in very strong ways right now from Saturn, Chiron AND Uranus as well as Mars moving through late degrees of Gemini making a T-Square with the Heartbreak Transit of Saturn Square Chiron.

Add in her son’s chart with Transiting Uranus Conjunct her Natal Chiron in Aries and Opposite his Natal Uranus Conjunct Vicki’s Natal Neptune and the phone call was about his being in a car accident and he was going to the Trauma Center before she left me. Her son is undergoing ‘Soul Awareness’ in aspect right now. It IS life (Chiron) changing (Uranus). But once he incorporates the Soulful Awareness, he should be restored to ‘feeling’ in all of his limbs (Mars in Gemini which rules the limbs and spinal column) in his 12th House which can cause the ‘numbness’ or lack of feeling as he enters such a Soulful space. We talked about how to let his awareness catch up with his physical situation and things should resolve.

Uranus and Chiron force us to deal with Soul Awareness in shocking and surprising ways. Don’t believe the physicality of what is occurring and the consciousness will supersede any physical limitations. It was awe-inspiring to see the way she faced the information. We were able to discuss it all before she left. She follows a Transit Report and has for years. I need to write her next one soon.

But we both stayed calm and didn’t buy into the traumatic story. These Higher Mind Planetary energies allow us to be Merlins and change up what the ‘seen reality’ is. She just called me to say that he is NOT paralyzed and may not have to have surgery. So, these things can change up fast 😉 The real purpose of the Transit is for them both to traverse the Soul Awareness and Subconscious realm of being here.

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