Merlin’s Big Picture – Jun 15

Snapshot: Early Thursday morning (EST) we can expect to see how accountable we have been in keeping to our philosophical perspective. By afternoon, if we adjust our desires we will create some ease in our philosophical approach.

At 6:18am the Sun at 24:30 Gemini Opposes Saturn Rx at 24:30 Sagittarius.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been restricting our usual mundane communication so we could more effectively work on applying a sound philosophy to things. The Sun in Gemini will reveal to us how this has helped us, and prevented us, from creating extra Karmic responses. Sometimes just keeping our mouths shut allows us to think better (aka Sagittarius vs Gemini). There is a chance here as well to see how the ‘not talking’ has played a big part in the Karmic Squares of 2016 and the Heartbreak Transits of 2016/17. The 1st Heartbreak Transit occurred at 24+ Sagittarius/Pisces. While not hearing from a loved one, co-worker, friend, etc, was difficult, we might get a glimpse of how our communications has actually improved as a result. Look for the silver lining today.

At 2:02pm Venus at 9:29 Taurus Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 24:29 Sagittarius.

Just one minute apart, these 2 aspects actually create a 3-way aspect. It means that Venus is Semi-Square to the Sun just minutes later. So Venus’ role here is to adjust our desires to better align with our philosophy perspective rather than the lower-minded ramblings of Gemini. Information just for the sake of it is not helpful. We need to apply a more powerful lens to all the information that we view with it all boiled down to the basic ideas behind them. While Venus is not known for applying a mindful approach, our adjusted desires are what Saturn is holding us accountable to. How might our desires be adjusted? Well, Saturn in Sagittarius is accountability to the big picture, the global whole. Venus is about acquisition. If she learns to acquire for the good of the whole and not just her own beauty and reserves, then we can all benefit from the girl’s desires. The Sun could help Venus see how the numbers will work better keeping her goal on the big picture.

All day on Thursday we have some powerful energies operating in the background:

  1. Neptune is stopped in the sky approaching his Retrograde Station which will exact at 7:16am on Friday. Your subconscious mind is playing a big part in what you are doing right now. If you can feel his Station, you will see how Neptune will be reviewing some subconscious things over the next several months. Some same that during his Retrograde phase, deceptions are revealed. Well… you’re the only one deceiving yourself. If you believe the world is supposed to be a certain way and you can’t understand the role the subconscious mind plays, then, yes, you can expect there to be some unveiling of your blind spots. If you realize that the subconscious is a murky thing and you are simply ridding your own mind of its pitfalls, then it aint nothing but a thang;)
  2. Black Moon Lillith is at 13:30+ degrees of Sagittarius by Thursday and forming a Square to Neptune as he Stations Retrograde. BML in Sagittarius is allowing us all a chance to experience 5D big picture thinking. This is my Superhero Power and how I could write: 5D Astrology, the Theory of Everything. Square to Neptune we have some important opportunity to use 2 Higher Mind energies (Jupiter/Sagittarius and Neptune/Pisces) to bust through any old Karmic (Square) issues we have. Add to it Psyche in Virgo (bringing in the Virgo/Pisces axis) moving into Oppose Neptune and Square BML and we have a T-Square of 5D energies in Karmic aspect breaking down some old ways. See if you can sense what Merlin Mind ideas you arrive at with this at the back recesses of your mind… where ALL Wizards play;) You SHOULD be able to SEE how Karma is created and why.


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